I hope you fall in love…

With the sadness

With the fear

With the anger

With the shame

With that contraction wherever it reveals itself today in your body

With that pain no matter how bad it hurts

Holding it right there in presence just like you would a lover, EVER SO LIGHTLY, EVER SO GENTLY

Without expectation

Without agenda

Without attachment

Looking directly at it from awareness, as you would your lover’s eyes

Will that lover leave? Yes, everything is temporary.

Love it until it’s gone.

Anything else is suffering!

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  1. Hi Scott, I came across your article on “The Scam of Non-Duality” and it came across very open and honest. I also experienced the frustration of western non-dual teaching and teachers not having the answers to my doubts and and questions on realizing my true nature. The problem is that they do not have a teaching method and their understanding is not clear and firm for them to teach it to others. I always had doubts as to what they were pointing to until I came across someone who found vedanta. Vedanta developed and evolved over thousands of years in India. advaita vedanta or non-dual self knowledge being the end (conclusion) of knowledge in the upanishads (sacred texts) was revealed to rishis (enlightened sages). Over time (thousands of years) everyone who practiced vedanta self-inquiry validated the teaching when they would apply self-inquiry to themselves and to examine the nature of their experiences. They developed the method and technique of self-inquiry to separate the self (awareness) from the not-self (objects experienced in awareness). Once our true self is discriminated from the not-self (objects) we resolve everything by bringing our attention back to awareness because everything is awareness including everything appearing in awareness (me). Everything is awareness but I (awareness) am not every thing (objects). The real issue is IDENTIFICATION with objects (thoughts, feelings, emotions, body sense complex and mistaking them as ME… Ignorance of our true nature is the root cause of all human psychological suffering and only self-knowledge can remove this ignorance to reveal that we are and have always been limitless awareness, whole & complete…..there never is anything wrong with me and that is discovered thru self-inquiry.

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