People ask:  is there life after death?  Or does awareness exist beyond the mind and body, such that there’s no death?

Those questions will only give you belief.  And belief is never absolute truth by definition. 

Let’s look. 

Me:  What do you get out of believing there is no death or there is life after death? 

Them:  “I feel safe, feel like I know then.”

Me:  Once you actually inquire into your need for this psychological safety and certainty, and really see that this is the selfing program, you’ll see that you just don’t want to die.  That’s why you are looking for these answers.  And that’s perfectly fine.  Quite natural really!

But when you actually see this for what it is, that need stops appearing.

Then you will probably stop fretting about whether there is nothing or something after death and you’ll finally start living.  And that’s the truth!

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