What are body contractions? They are blockages of energy (sometimes repressed emotion) in various parts of the inner body that feel denser than other sensations. For example, have you ever felt emotion well up inside you only to get stuck in the throat area, as if you cannot truly express the emotion? That’s a contraction. Another example is the stomach area. When you feel highly anxious or stressed out, notice how your stomach feels a bit like a clenched fist. That’s a contraction. Many also experience a contraction in the heart area.

Blockages can be anywhere in the body, but they tend to show up mostly in the root (base of the spine), pelvis, stomach, sternum, heart, throat, and head—aligning with the chakra system from certain Eastern spiritual traditions. Many people, when first starting presence work, are not even aware that they carry such blockages. They are not yet fully tuned into the inner awareness of their bodies at that deeper level. But these blockages play a central role in addiction, trauma, depression, and anxiety, even if we don’t realize it. It is only when these blockages dissolve that we begin to truly realize how deeply they have affected behaviors and well-being.

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