I appreciate people asking me to comment on whether I think a certain teacher represses or reinforces repression in his or her followers but you can discern yourself by looking for these signs in a teaching or practice:

1. Teachings or practices that deny the relative and deny the importance of embodying the challenging emotions that arise in relationship.  Some teachings actually exclude relationship which excludes the body because that’s where we store the trauma and repression from early relationships

2. Language that downplays emotions as “just ego” or “just arising” without showing how to meet these skillfully.  The ego is resistance.   It hears things from resistance so if the language is resistant or repressive it hooks that part of the ego that is scared of real emotion

3. Mental or physical health issues that persist despite treatment.  These may be physical or environmental partly.  But one would have to literally deny science to say that stress or repression or trauma has NOtHiNG to do with any of that.  The tricky part is that repression hides.  So ego would say it’s physical wouldn’t it?  That’s how we hide in worldviews that don’t match our experience because when you inquire skillfully into the body the repressions are usually right there.  They can’t hide with our inquiries

4. The absence of shadow work

5. Any practice or teaching that is Unaware of or does not speak to how trauma and repression hides in the body (undetectable to awareness and usually the teacher isn’t aware of these in their own bodies and that’s why they can’t help you) and is therefore ill equipped to address or resolve it.  May even claim “there is no need to resolve it or it can’t be resolved” because the teacher hasn’t been able to resolve it within him or herself.  This is where you’ll hear “just be with it as it arises”. But repression doesn’t arise as itself.  It arises as pain, contraction, and health and relationship issues that persist. 


6.  Any teaching/spiritual view stuck in what integral spirituality calls “green”.  Coddles ones core programming and need for safety over freedom, reinforces victimhood by telling people that anyone who challenges their view is gaslighting, reinforces repression by not challenging core programming, is anti-transcendent because the teacher doesn’t want to transcend some dark stuff, “I’m traumatized, leave me alone”.  Tends to argue in favor of his or her own suffering in some level (but can’t see it). Often anti-authority because of unresolved repression and trauma but then couches that in spiritual terms as if the absolute is traumatized and against authority.  This is a really popular spirituality on social media right now.

Each of these stuck views can be let go of with skillful repression inquiry.

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