Time is a wonderful story, but is it truly real?

The human mind has been telling quite a story. The notions of minute, hour, week, month, and year are conceptual. Time is a movie being projected from the mind. No matter how hard you look, you will never walk outside your door and pick up or touch anything called, “hour,” “week,” “month,” “year,” “new year,” “past,” “future,” or “time.”

The existence of the thought-based, time-bound self is dependent on the illusion of time continuing to be supported through incessant psychological identification with thoughts of past, present, and future. Although the mind has a tendency to go “into” time for a sense of self, do you notice that past and future are merely presently-arising thoughts? In fact, even the word “now” is a thought.

Do you see that you are here regardless of whether these thoughts are arising or not? This moment is ever fresh and new—where the concepts of beginning and ending, me and my life, and my past and my future are seen as stories. There is only the timeless space in which concepts about time arise and fall.

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