I’ve got a tool I call the Magic Feel (play on the phrase magic pill) that works quite well for many people.

The Magic Feel worked for me. I have seen it accelerate my own awakening and embodiment process. I’ve seen it do the same for about half the clients with whom I work.

The tool allows you to get out of your head more quickly by meeting your somatic experience more directly and skillfully. But before I explain the Magic Feel, let me give some context around it.

Einstein said you cannot resolve a problem with the same mind that created it. A mind that creates a deficient self identity (e.g. “I’m nobody”) can’t be trusted to resolve the very deficiency story it created, especially since deficiency stories are such deeply embedded aspects of ego. Not only can the same mind not resolve the deficiency story, but it wouldn’t even be motivated to resolve that identity.

The end of that identity can feel like a death. That fear keeps a lot of people from doing deep inquiry. Ironically, inquiry on the fear of death is one of the most liberating inquiries to do!

Thanks Einstein, we won’t be using the mind at all with the Magic Feel.

The Magic Feel doesn’t work for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, click here to sign up for the KIO video series. There are plenty of tools in that series to help you if the Magic Feel doesn’t work for you.

Here’s how the Magic Feel works:

Create the habit THROUGHOUT EACH DAY of continuously withdrawing attention as often as possible AWAY from the mind and then immediately flooding the entire inner space of your torso with awareness. Then, gradually learn to keep attention in this area of the body more and more frequently and for longer and longer periods of time each day. After a while it stops seeming like a practice and more like the way you experience yourself – with more spaciousness within and more connection to your emotions and sensations.

With attention withdrawn from the mind, and awareness anchored gently in the body, your attention is primed and ready for the arising of any emotion or sensation. When that arising happens stay present just to the emotion or sensation, letting it be exactly as it is until it falls away or is no longer a source of suffering.

Triggers upset us because they evoke uncomfortable thoughts, emotions and sensations. These are all natural human responses but we were taught growing up to go into our heads and think about what we feel instead of coming down into our bodies and truly being with and allowing what we feel.

Once you start the Magic Feel throughout the day, begin to notice these benefits:

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