The Kiloby Center for Inquiry

A retreat community ​near Asheville North Carolina

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Our world is in trouble. Driven by disconnect, fear, greed, and consumerism, our lives have become manic and unfulfilled as we struggle to manage anxiety, stress, low self-worth, addiction and depression.

People are waking up to other possibilities of a life based on peace of mind, community, care of self, care of others, care of the planet, co-creation and living with freedom, joy, healing and connection.

Scott Kiloby’s work has developed into a way for people to take responsibility for their own mental health, well-being, spiritual freedom and evolution. He is a noted author, international speaker and teacher on the subjects of spiritual (non-dual) awakening and embodiment, self-inquiry, and mindfulness. Our focus at the Kiloby Center for Inquiry is on inquiry and the skillful exploration of one’s own experience.

The Living Inquiries and Natural Rest are an intimate and fully embodied exploration of both our felt experience and our beliefs. The Inquiries invite us to discover what has previously remained hidden or unconscious, allowing an unraveling of thoughts and feelings and bringing a new-found sense of freedom.

Scott is exploring possibilities for a retreat center on east coast, in the Asheville area of North Carolina. Our vision is for a sanctuary where people can experience the most profound healing, awakening and embodiment using the simplest and most effective inquiries, tools and practices. The center will be an open, loving, compassionate community of equals gathered together for the purpose of healing and transformation.

If you have been touched – or profoundly transformed – by Scott Kiloby’s work and would like to know more, please get in touch.

We are looking to lease or buy land and buildings in the Asheville area. You will have the opportunity to join us for a weekend, attend or host a longer retreat or to live in community, exploring the depths of who you are and the experience of daily life with freedom and connection.

“Scott is a living example of what he teaches. He actually lives and breathes his own message.” – Jeff Foster

Contact: [email protected]