Student:  I want to awaken.

Teacher:  What is awakening?

Student:  It is that state that teachings talk about where I am free.

Teacher:  Free of what?

Student:  Free of entanglement with things like feelings.

Teacher:  What if I said there is no such state, what feeling does that bring up?

Student:  Fear

Teacher:  Then feel that.

Student:  Ok I felt that. It passed.

Teacher:  Is there anything else you don’t want to feel?

Student:  Grief for the loss of the idea of awakening.

Teacher:  Ok, then feel that. Grieve totally, go into it without ideas.

Student:  Ok, it passed.

Teacher:  Seeking awakening is often about just not wanting to feel.  If you felt everything as it arises, what would there be to seek?

Student:  Nothing

Teacher:  Do you still want to awaken?

Student:  No.

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