Student: Teacher, I think I’m done.

Teacher: What do you mean “done?”

Student: I have awakened!

Teacher: How can the letter “I” awaken? What are you saying that you are?

Student: Ok then, I am awareness and this has been realized.

Teacher: How do you know this has been realized?

Student: Because I sense an all-pervading awareness as the context in which everything arises.

Teacher: Where is the context? Where is the awareness?

Student: Well, I can’t find that.

Teacher: Can you find the “I” that has realized it?

Student: No.

Teacher: So you cannot find the “I” that has realized awareness and you cannot find awareness. What exactly are you hanging your hat on here?

Student: I am not sure. I just know that I do not believe my thoughts.

Teacher: Do you believe the thought “I am done.”

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Then you believe your thoughts still.

Student: If this is the case, then how will I ever know when I am truly done.

Teacher: Investigate the desire to be done. That’s where your sense of an inherent self lies. You are tired of seeking and you think that some proclamation of doneness will end that. But in proclaiming that you are done, you have slipped right back into egoic thinking. You are landing. And now you are seeking my approval or my agreement that you are done. How is that not seeking?

Student: This is frustrating and confusing.

Teacher: Do you feel some emotional pain with that frustration and confusion?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Then feel that. Can you see you are not done with feelings?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: So you cannot find the “I.” You cannot find awareness. Thoughts did not end. Feelings did not end. What exactly are you done with?

Student: I don’t know.

Teacher: Stick with that.

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