Sabotage Workshop with Scott Kiloby

Join Scott for three sessions delving
into how we sabotage our own best intentions

9.30am - 11.30am (Pacific time) - Group Zoom meeting

17 November 2023
How self-limiting beliefs lie on the surface of sabotage. 
Skills for inquiring into these beliefs and discovering the unprocessed emotions that create them.

24 November 2023
Learning to trust your body to spot sabotaging patterns in your life. 
Somatic skills to begin emotional repression inquiry on each pattern.

1 December 2023
What does a life without self-sabotage look like?  
Developing a regular skillful Kiloby Inquiries practice that dissolves 
the self-contraction driving the sabotage on the surface.


A recording of this workshop will be made available to participants

We reserve the right to remove participants from workshop sessions if they are disruptive to the learning environment for the other participants.

Purchase of workshop attendance is non-refundable.

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Sabotage workshop
with Scott Kiloby

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