I imagine a world one day where all of us are so deeply inquiring into false ego-based identities that we come to know a clarity that the earth has never seen before – a clarity that naturally brings people together to move towards the greatest good for all, not just the greatest good for “me” or “my party” or even “my country.” This includes respect and love for all human beings, no matter their race, economic class, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation.

A world in which politics is no longer about internal violence projected outwards and where politics is simply about one question: “What policies and actions stand for the greatest good of all?” A world in which politics is just a matter in which people respectfully and lovingly disagree, while being able to see from and truly hear their opponents perspective very clearly. Politics that is free from ego.

A world in which we honor the electoral system but we hold our politicians accountable to inquire into ego and its destructive by-products just like everyone else inquires into these things.

A world in which violence and terrorism are remnants of the past because we have each come to know ourselves in the truest sense and that knowing provides the realization that there truly is no separation on earth, just the illusion of it.

A world in which Facebook is no longer about fighting, being right or projecting our anxieties onto others simply because we cannot heal that anxiety on our own. A world in which Facebook/Internet is a place for learning, sharing and loving.

A world in which the pull towards love absolutely outshines the pull towards drama.

A world in which action still happens, but from this place of clarity.

But mostly, a world in which we have all come to see that we are all One in every sense, not as some pithy spiritual phrase, but as a true realization that it is only the false ego that divides us. And it is truly false – not who we are.

This may seem like a pipe dream to many. However, the ancient teachings of Nonduality have pointed to this for centuries. In the West, we are just slow to realize these insights and potentialities.

Until this vision comes about, we are left to fight, to bring terror into each others’ lives (not just terror based on physical violence but also the terror of emotional violence I know see and hear on FB and everywhere I go). Until this vision comes about, we have to put people in jail that want to hurt other people. We have to vote for the politicians that truly see from this higher perspective I am pointing to. We have to develop an economic and political system that works within the limited boundaries of the false egos that over 95% of the population carries around.

But this vision is possible.

It’s up to each of us to vote internally for a change in the way we see ourselves so that we truly love ourselves and then love others.

When this happens, we will look back at these historical times, just as we look back at slavery, and see that we were ignorant and barbaric as a people. Ignorant in that we could not see what we really are, so we walked the earth doing the best we could with such a limited ego-based perspective.

This post is not intended to inflame anyone. It comes from a love that I could not begin to express in words. It is a call to action, to evolve, to move into a race of humans that we can only imagine now.

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