Frequently Asked Questions

Which choice is right for me?

Choose a clarity call as a free way to learn more about KI! You can ask Serena your questions via Zoom.

Choose a clarity call to see whether you and Serena (or another facilitator) are a good fit without making a financial commitment.

If you’ve never done KI before, you may want to start with a single session. This way, you can have a full KI experience without commiting hundreds of dollars.

If you feel confident about KI, we recommend getting a package. This way, you can get into a rhythm with your facilitator and minimize your cost per session.

Packages are the best way to lower your cost per session.

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How do sessions work?

Sessions are scheduled to last an hour; however, some facilitators make extra time in case their clients need to go longer. If you have questions, please ask your facilitator.

If you do not feel able to continue at any point, please let your facilitator know. Since unsettling material can be worked through via inquiry, your facilitator may extend the opportunity to continue working with that material if you’d like; however, the option to terminate a session is always available. You may stop at any time.

You are encouraged to only disclose as much as you feel comfortable sharing. Facilitators are trained to work with clients who wish to omit some details. If you don’t want to share something, please let your facilitator know about it (e.g., “I’m having a memory that I don’t want to share”) so they can continue to guide you.