No matter who we are or how many powerful spiritual experiences we have had, at some point most of us have to face blockages of energy (in the chakra or other areas).  It’s an inevitable part of the spiritual journey.  These are sometimes old emotions that we unconsciously suppressed at an earlier point in life, when the emotions were just too much to bear.  They often lie at the root of our addictions.

My relationship to blockages of energy in my body has been love/hate on virtually every blockage.  A quiet game of waiting…

At first, I didn’t even know the blockages were there.  I had covered them up well through overthinking and through addictions.

I began to become much more conscious of them after some very powerful spiritual experiences.  It’s like everything I tried to suppress was now coming to the surface to be seen.

Upon first noticing a blockage, I started out hating it, thinking of it as an unwelcome guest, like an entity I needed to get rid of.   “Screw this, I never signed up for this on the spiritual path.”

None of that worked.

I tried to “no self” it away.  “It’s not happening to anyone”  “It’s just happening in awareness.”  “it’s impersonal.”  None of those ideas worked.  The relationship to it was still one of clinging on some level below conscious thought.

Then came the resignation –

“there it is and it isn’t going anywhere, might as well stop trying to get rid of it.”

Then came the quiet acceptance of it.  “Hey, it’s not so bad, might as well make a friend out of this.”

Then came the feeling into it and the softening to it, the exploration of what I never wanted to feel  (which is why the blockage was there in the first place)

Then came the loving of it.  “I don’t even want this to go away.”

Then came the disappearance of it.

Not everything on the spiritual path is quick and easy.   It’s not always about NOW.  Love sometimes takes time.

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