Take a moment to sit back and watch your mind. If you look deeply for one moment, you get a glimpse into the quiet mind. You open up the space of awareness within you, which is who you really are. This space contains a love that devours who you think you are. The quiet love of this space permeates your whole being. It permeates all of life. It is prior to any thought, including any thought about this quietness. It was here when you were born before the self-centered story began to obscure it. It is always here under the story.

If you are like most humans, you have been stuck in the noise of the story your whole life. This is why life is a struggle. The busy mind never quite touches reality. It merely interprets and thinks about it, usually for the benefit of a noisy, thought-based self that sees itself as the center. The quiet mind, however, is fully in touch with the reality underneath this noisy story. This quietness naturally includes the whole of life. The quiet mind, one could say, is love itself. It has no center.

One day I received an inspiring email from a friend which captured this spiritual truth better than I ever could. The email contained actual answers by four-to eight-year-old children to the question, “What is love?” One particular seven-year-old boy named Bobby answered, “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” Bobby is connected to the Divine. He isn’t confused like so many adults.

When Bobby says love is “in the room” he is pointing to this quietness that is prior to thought. It is prior to the Christmas presents. It is prior to any form, whether it be a physical form, a thought form, a feeling, a reaction, a label, a name, or any other “thing.” “In the room” means that this love is already here within us, as well as around us, and is not separate from us. When you tap fully into this quietness within, you see that there is no distinction between within and without. It is all One. And it includes all these forms. All sorts of forms come from this quietness: thoughts, feelings, relationships, cars, jobs, promotions, achievements, and Christmas presents—the list goes on. But when the mind becomes preoccupied with these forms, there is no recognition of love, which is formless. One could say, we push God out completely, in favor of our own self-centeredness.

When you watch your mind deeply, the incessant mental activity stops, even if only for a moment. You are mentally at rest. There is peace. Quietness. You have tapped into what Bobby has tapped into. That quietness is who you are. Rest there whenever you notice it. You are resting into your true nature. Watch thought as soon as it comes back in and that watching helps you to realize the quietness that is already here. Watching opens you up to the quietness—to the truth. Watch yourself as you become preoccupied with the Christmas presents, the car, the computer, and work. This means be aware of your preoccupation with thoughts about these things. Outside of thought, there is no such thing as ownership or possession of things. In becoming aware of that preoccupation, you are listening, as Bobby would say, to what is already here, prior to all of that.

You realize your true nature as love. You see that you do not need to seek, find, or go out and get love. You do not need to demand it from others or even expect it. You cannot get, seek, find, demand, or expect what you already are. Through this self-realization, everything you do is infused with love. You do not need to do anything except notice that this love is already here. Just realize you are it. You are this vast, quiet room called “love.”

From: https://www.amazon.com/Loves-Quiet-Revolution-Spiritual-Search/dp/1419695789

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