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Kilologues –  For years, Scott conducted audio interviews with other teachers, scientists, authors and writers on the subject of awakening.  These audios were featured on Scott’s former site.  There is quite a bit of wisdom and interesting discussion on these audios. Click here to listen to these audios.

Scott also has many older writings that are not presented on the Writings page of this site but which are accessible through the following link:




Many voices are listed here. Find out what resonates for you!


Jed McKenna

Emptiness dot Community

Nonduality America

Jeff Foster

Stillness Speaks

The Daily Now

Liberation Unleashed

Center for Nondual Awareness

NonDuality Cartoons

Center for Nondual Awareness

Gina Lake

The Voice for Love

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Remember Who You Are

Susan Kahn

Fred Davis

Fiona Robertson

Michael Jeffreys

Peter Dziuban

London Non-Duality Meetup Group

Advaita Notebook

One Circle

True Divine Nature

Katie Davis

Pamela Wilson

Living Unbound

Karen McPhee

Nothing Exists, Despite Appearances

Non-Duality North

Vicki Woodyard 

You Are Dreaming

Grace Is Now

Your Divine Inheritance

The Simplicity of What Is

Endless Satsang 

You Are Truly Loved

Living In Peace 

Richard Sylvester

The End of Seeking 

Die to Love

Mandi Solk

Living Presence Now 

Try Resting

Only This 

You Are Seeing Oneness 

Never Not Here 

Rupert Spira 

A Course in Consciousness 

Michael Thielmann 

Non-dual Comedy

Chick Atkins

Being Ordinary

Mike Jenkins

Meeting Truth