I could not stabilize in presence as long as I had unresolved traumas and certain identities and deficiency stories creating reactivity regularly. 

Reactivity is always old pain pushing the focus of awareness onto the conditioning of the past, creating new triggers everyday.

To even assert that it’s possible to live “in the moment” in a stable way without cleaning out all the pockets of past pain hidden in the body is absurd!  It’s all theory, no experience!

There’s work to be done for everyone! Bypassing doesn’t work.  Learning more knowledge about ourselves might be informative but won’t rise to the level of being transformative.  To transform is to move beyond old structures that no longer work. 

Inquiry is a deconstructive process that breaks down the programming of being a human conditioned to suffer.  This is how we evolve.  As those layers of unnecessary self-limiting thoughts dissolve, we can finally begin to feel again.  We evolve by no longer trying to escape those feelings.  We transform by moving right through them skillfully.  That kind of somatic work changes everything because how we feel often determines our state of being.  And we all want a state of being that is fulfilling, peaceful, loving and free!

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