This is how the Living Realization method works in our lives:

We start out with the belief that we are separately existing selves in a world of other, separately existing people and things. Most people have this belief operating in one degree or another. The belief in separation is the root cause of suffering, seeking, and conflict. In this method, we start with a very basic invitation to recognize awareness in all situations. Awareness is seen to be always present in the midst of whatever is happening. This allows us to relax from our tendency to focus and rely on thinking so much. We find a natural ease and well-being as we recognize awareness.We experience emotions and sensations more and more without labeling them and placing them into a personal story. This relieves the constant desire to escape into the future in order to feel better. Every emotion and sensation is allowed to be as it is presently. This provides a natural healing, a mental and emotional balance in our lives.We discover that every object is inseparable from the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that “make it up.” We see that all thoughts, emotions, and sensations appear and disappear inseparably to awareness. We use the Unfindable Inquiry to see that we cannot find a separate thing anywhere. The belief in separation dissolves, either all at once or gradually. In seeing through the belief in separation, we continue to refer to things relatively for the sake of convenience. This is the Middle Way. Conventional existence is the appearance of different things, like self, other, cars, cities, justice, apples, the Earth, and science. We see that everything is empty of separate nature and yet things still appear. In conventional existence, everything is relationship, but separation is nowhere to be found.

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