Sometimes it’s not clear what your core deficiency story is all about. It isn’t always possible to reduce your overall sense of core deficiency to the point where it can be specifically named. Your story of psychological and emotional pain can’t always be neatly placed in a particular package.

Some details of your core deficiency story inevitably emerge during an inquiry and help you see how your story shows up in your life. Remember, though, that an inquiry is not talk therapy, so don’t get bogged down in either telling or analyzing your story. The point is to try to find the core deficient self, and you do that by resting and looking.

The core deficiency story I’m unworthy is quite common. I’ve worked with many people who felt that their creativity and natural expression had been stifled by fear. In my own life, I’ve experienced fear around expressing my viewpoints as well as around expressing myself as a musician and songwriter. That fear has paralyzed me at times.

Fully facing this fear is a doorway into letting ourselves shine as who we are. If all we do is turn away from the fear, we continue in the loop of feeling unworthy or wanting to hide. As fear is allowed to arise fully and freely, without being hooked into the core deficiency story, we are able to express ourselves more fearlessly. And even if fear arises, it becomes just another opportunity to see what we believe about ourselves.

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