Freedom is…

To love without expectation of return

To be without a self-concept

To get hurt often and see that hurt itself is the doorway to a present love that knows no boundaries and desires no harm

To create without attachment to the creation

To let your heart open so wide that pain, fear, anger, and sadness start looking like love too

To agree or disagree or remain silent, without believing that you have the truth either way

To say whatever you have to say and then stand back and watch the universe give you every point of view you cannot see or are avoiding

To know the impersonal nature of life in this moment, without negating all things personal and interpersonal

To see the futility of trying to escape present sensations and emotions, and instead relax into each one, letting it be exactly as it is. Deep healing and acceptance!

To stop seeking all future states, but never stop looking in each moment to see the ways in which you presently box yourself up into a false, limiting belief or thought.

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