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Note: Facilitators with a green checkmark in their photo are trained to facilitate sessions on emotional repression as it relates to body contractions and chronic pain.

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During a clarity call, you can ask any questions you have about KI and see whether a particular facilitator is a good fit for you.

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Julianne Eanniello

KI Trainer & Facilitator. Over a decade of facilitation and training experience.
Meet Julianne

Scott Kiloby

Co-Creator of the Kiloby Inquiries.
Work with Scott

Dan McLintock

Co-Creator of the Kiloby Inquiries.
Meet Dan

Kelly Cooper

3D facilitation, Yoga & Embodiment Guide, Chronic Pain, CPSTD & Spiritual Bypassing, Parenting & Eating Disorders
Meet Kelly

Darby Totten

KI Trainer and Facilitator, and plant medicine ceremony guide.
Meet Darby

Tim Gallaher

KI Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in spiritual inquiry.
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June Jackson

KI Facilitation, Non-Duality, Life Coaching, Grief Work, Psychedelic Integration
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Serena Senteshi

CERTIFIED FACILITATOR & TRAINER Chronic Pain • Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse • Developmental & Complex Trauma
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Toshi Matsunaga

Co-Creator of KI. Certified KI Trainer & Facilitator. Emotional Repression Work. Non-Dual Bypassing.
Meet Toshi

Mihai Algiu

KI, Somatic psychotherapist, Non-Duality, Trauma, Addiction, Psychedelic work
Meet Mihai

Lava Mechthild Ewersmeyer

German/English Facilitator of all 3
Dimensions of KI, UI and The Work of
Byron Katie, Somatic Therapist, Artist
Meet Lava

Caitlin Pell

Somatic Practitioner, Non-duality,
Yoga, & Holistic Healing
Meet Caitlin

Alina Panteleev

Dedicated to liberating seekers from suffering through KI and meditation.
Meet Alina

Rodrigo Rios

Emotional Repression, Non Duality, Spiriutal Bypass, Essence Recognition
Meet Rodrigo

Ina Backbier

Certified KI 3D Facilitator ✅, somatic coherence coach; Repression/trauma deprogramming and recovery
Meet Ina

Jen Foxley

3D facilitation, Yoga & embodiment guide, chronic pain, CPSTD & spiritual bypassing
Meet Jen

Alec Rodrigues

Intuitive facilitator with 7+ years' experience.
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Kevagne Kalisch

Certified KI Facilitator 🙏 Find freedom from suffering through your mind-body connection
Meet Kevagne

Douglas Johnson

Zen, Yoga, Tao, ACIM, Non-Dual, KI, and over 20 years of experience teaching the meditative arts.
Meet Douglas

Denise Wingo

Masters in Spiritual Psychology & Yogini
Meet Denise

Mh Ali

Facilitator focused on helping and supporting clients.
Meet Mh Ali

Brandi Brown

KI Facilitator & Somatic Coach; Using playful curiosity to explore & heal
Meet Brandi

Heath Rassner

Nondual & Somatic Inquiry Facilitator. Learned the pitfalls of seeking the hard way. Here to serve😊❤️
Meet Heath

Amaya Villazan

D 1-2 Facilitator - Devoted to connection, authenticity, and the mystery that binds us together.
Meet Amaya

Fergus Worrall

KI Facilitator (Dimensions 1 & 2)
Meet Fergus

Angela MacLeod

KI Facilitator and Training Assistant. Nervous System Resilience educator and coach.
Meet Angela

Julie Cloutier

KI Facilitator, Transformational Coach, Life Coach. Non-Duality, Self-Realization Integration
Meet Julie

Taz Street

Freedom Facilitator 💞 Soul Archeologist 🏳️‍🌈Guiding You to Love Your Authentic Self 😍
Meet Taz

Sumitra Burton

9+ years' as a facilitator. Has taught yoga, meditation, and Compassionate Communication.
Meet Sumitra

Julianne Eanniello is a Certified Trainer and Facilitator of both the Kiloby Inquiries and the Unfindability Inquiries (formerly called the Living Inquiries). She is also a Certified TRE Practitioner, and the developer of the somatic movement process called Natural Flow Movement. She works with clients all over the world on virtually any topic, including spiritual seeking, stress, anxiety, depression, pain and health related issues, traumatic experiences, repression, relationship issues, and general unhappiness with ourselves and our lives. She does this through online sessions, deepening courses, workshops and facilitator certification training.

About Julianne:

For most of my life I’ve wondered who I am and why I am here. As I was growing up, no one else seemed to be talking about these things, or even thinking about them, so I buried it deep inside and tried my best to fit in the way I was “supposed” to, all the while feeling like there was something desperately wrong with me and that I needed to fix it.

In my early thirties, the death of a young relative left me feeling hopeless and helpless, wondering what is the point of life if we’re all just going to die anyway? This launched me on a search. I didn’t even know what I was looking for, I just knew that there was a longing – a desperate longing for something that actually made sense about life. I learned several alternative spiritual and healing techniques. I meditated. I read books and watched videos. I eventually learned of non-duality teachings, and I read more books, watched more videos, and even sat with several ‘awakened’ teachers. Yet I was still searching, something still felt missing. I was looking for the key that would unlock the mystery of me and of life.

In my early forties, I developed a chronic health condition that left me unable to work for several years, and most days barely able to get out of bed due to extreme fatigue, brain fog and pain. I lost my banking job, and eventually lost my home. I saw a multitude of doctors to try to find out what was wrong with me, and used every tool in my metaphysical and alternative medicine toolkit to try to heal myself. My seeking became even more intense, and I was looking for a way to escape my pain.

In 2009, I met Scott Kiloby. Since I started working with him and doing the Living Inquiries, the seeking for enlightenment has stopped, and the question of ‘who am I’ is no longer relevant. My victim stories around my health started falling away. Once I started looking at my experience through inquiry, everything changed. I stopped chasing something ‘out there.’ I no longer seek some future state of happiness or peace. This is not to say that I don’t have problems, or ever experience pain. Quite the contrary. I still use the inquiries regularly, and now there is much less avoidance or resistance to what I’m experiencing. I experience more and more freedom in the present moment, exactly as it appears.

Having trained with Scott, I was one of the first to be certified as a Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator and Trainer in early 2012. In 2014, I moved to CA and became a business partner with Scott at The Kiloby Center for Recovery, where we worked with people suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression and more for the next 8 years.

I can’t imagine my life without these inquiries. They saved me from myself. If you are still suffering, searching, longing… I encourage you to give this a try.

Note: Scott is not available for sessions at this time.

Scott Kiloby is a noted international speaker, well-respected enlightenment (nonduality) teacher who has helped thousands of people all over the world, an entrepreneur, creative spirit, and a prolific author of seven books that simplify and demystify authentic spiritual awakening as it is taught in the East.

Scott has broken new ground in a number of areas, including being the co-founder and owner of the first two treatment centers in the U.S. to focus primarily on mindfulness and nondual awareness as the central path to freedom in recovery, the Kiloby Center for Recovery (day treatment) and the Natural Rest House (24-hour care facility).

Scott is an innovator in the addiction field, which for decades has shamed, judged, punished, and instilled fear into clients to keep them clean (with a relatively low success rate). After studying that archaic model, Scott developed the New Model of Recovery which contains a zero-tolerance for shaming, judging, or punishing people whether they are using or not.

Instead, Scott focuses on showing people unconditional love and using the Kiloby Inquiries to heal their pain that drives the addiction in the first place. This has been the central key to the success of Scott’s work.

Scott’s work is in no way limited to addiction recovery. Scott is also the developer of several forms of inquiry that help people with a wide array of human suffering other than addiction such as trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, OCD, and general unhappiness with life by teaching them to live in the present moment instead of “in their heads.”

Scott’s work is considered to be on the innovative edge of enlightenment teachings and in the recovery and trauma world.
"Working with Dan has been nothing short of transformational. His open heart, honesty about his personal experience and permission to be real and not hide have helped me unlock those qualities in myself. And that has been a total game changer. I've been truly blessed, not only to have him as my KI Facilitator, but also as my mentor. Without a doubt, working with him has helped me to show up authentically, helped sharpen my tools and made me a better facilitator than I would've been on my own. I can't recommend him enough."
Darby Totten
Certified KI Facilitator

Dan McLintock is a Certified Facilitator, Trainer and the Co-Developer of the Kiloby Inquiries method/approach the New Model of Recovery along w Scott Kiloby. 

A Jacksonville, Florida native, Dan graduated Flagler College in 2004 with B.A. in Theatre Arts and English Literature and has played music professionally in bands for over 20 years. But his true passion lies in sharing the context, possibility and practicality of healing, awakening and release. 

Dan has worked one-on-one with clients in and out of the Kiloby Center since 2017 and has an unconditionally loving and earnest approach to healing trauma, dissolving the drivers of addiction/suffering and unhooking long-held toxic beliefs about ourselves, others and the world at large. 

He’s also worked intensively, side-by-side with Scott Kiloby for the past three years to develop the transformative tools of the Kiloby Inquiries as well as the principles and approach of the “New Model of Recovery” rooted in unconditional love and non-judgment. Much of this approach was borne out of Scott and Dan’s work with each other on their own personal traumas as well as their work with clients at the Kiloby Center. 

Scott and Dan have simplified, demystified and condensed some of the principles and practices of eastern/non-dual spirituality into an easily accessible set of tools most anyone can understand, learn and utilize to free themselves from their own suffering. 

Hi I am Kelly-

I have been on a self help journey for many years through 12 step fellowships & various talking therapies. I found much relief in yoga and hence became a Yoga teacher. Then in Satsang and no  dual awareness teachings for 20 years.

I had periods of awakening, inner silence and deep rest, however continued to cycle through anxiety and depression, chronic pain and fatigue and later post natal depression. I now understand this as a complex trauma response.

I have studied and qualified in Polyvagal theory, trauma informed yoga & Integrative Somatic Trauma therapy. 

I finally discovered the Kiloby Inquiries where the seeking stopped.  I have found the combination of skillful inquiry with somatic body based processing has helped me to meet and target deep emotional pain and core wounding and release repressed fear, anger, grief & hurt.

I also have a wealth of experience in nervous system regulation and self care practices I can share if needed. I do believe the real key for recovery is through somatic inquiry.  

This internal work is at times intense, hard and ongoing however leads to profound inner freedom, self trust and true authentic expression. 


By turning towards the suffering and meeting it safely, compassionately and skillfully, I feel more alive and connected with myself, others and life. These powerful inquiries continue to transform and align my body, mind, heart and spirit.

I am passionate about facilitating you to discover how you can empower yourself to do the same. 




Darby is a certified KI Trainer and Facilitator as well as a plant medicine ceremony guide and psychedelic integration coach. She also has a background in magnetic healing and integrative attunement and has a particular passion for teaching others the art of skillful and effective self-inquiry. 

After a long, wild and exhausting journey to heal childhood trauma and complex-ptsd, she came to KI because its effectiveness for deep, lasting relief and inner peace was outshining all the other healing modalities she had experienced. 

The foundational KI tools were an answered prayer.  But the tools that are designed to release repression opened her up to a whole new world of authentic living, a sense of wholeness, and softening of trauma  and chronic pain.

She loves sharing what these simple tools can do to change a life, and she’s devoted to helping the ones who are truly ready.

Tim initially became a student of inquiry in 2001 via the Diamond Approach, shortly thereafter becoming a direct student of A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) and Karen Johnson for 12 years.  He has continued to practice inquiry while more recently also studying Non-Duality with Francis Lucille, Adyashanti and John Prendergast; Tibetan Buddhism; Shamanism and other Earth-based practices, including various plant medicines.  Having also now discovered the Kiloby Inquiries, he loves their simplicity and directness as well as their usefulness for anyone interested in knowing themselves at a deeper level.  He is excited to facilitate inquiry with others now who wish to get relief from pain, depression or anxiety, prepare for or integrate psychedelic or vision fast revelations or simply step closer into their larger being and become more whole and free.

Certified KI Facilitator, Psychedelic Integration Specialist, Certified Professional Life Coach, MBTI Certified, Voice Dialogue/Shadow Work Facilitator, Grief Work Specialist, Trained in Non-Dual Classic Advaita Vedanta.

June developed and manages the KI Personal Mentorship Program with optional Certified Facilitator Training for Scott Kiloby and Dan McLintock (the founders of the Kiloby Inquiries).

Having worked with thousands of people individually as well as leading dozens of transformative weekend retreats, I feel confident about holding space for whatever is a rising and helping with clarity and moving forward.

My initial core traumas took place in my teen and young adult years and these events happened mostly due to my naivete having been sheltered growing up. Innocence was lost and replaced by strong defense mechanisms. These types of defense mechanisms can be dismantled using certain practices and when approached with curiosity and courage.

As we practice this work with readiness, we notice impulses as soon as they arise and although we remember how compelling these stories, beliefs, impulses, and reactions once were, we eventually find them uninteresting and tedious. Unable to allure us, we remain in a stable and ceaseless awakened state.

Having spent some time in India in the early ’90s studying under a guru and a few erudite spiritual teachers for many years, I would devote 20 hours per week to spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, chanting, service work, yoga practices, fasting, rituals, philosophical studies, devotional practices, etc. until there came a point where I realized “Everything I do is a spiritual practice.” Continuing to grow and learn psychologically and spiritually, I enjoyed running a successful interior design business until retiring in 2018.

My gaze is now gently focused on the spaciousness from which all things arise, and my passion is to assist others in removing the veils and revealing this connection to pure awareness that is ever present for all.

Even when we have a clear vision of where we are trying to go, there can be all types of obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. These can be conscious and unconscious and often show up as patterns of behavior that we can’t seem to manage. I can help you get to the root of things and gently remove these obstacles so that you can choose the type of life you really want.

Serena is a professional KI Facilitator and Trainer who has been assisting people worldwide for over 13 years and she is deeply dedicated to this work. She has 4+ years experience in the Kiloby
Inquiries, 10+ years in awareness-based self-inquiry (advaita non-duality), 12+ years as a coach,
kinesiologist and yoga, meditation & massage therapist, in addition to other integrating and healing methods, such as: Dr. Gabor Mate (Compassionate Inquiry), Peter A. Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Bessel Van Der Kolk (trauma healing), John E. Sarno, Bert Hellinger (Family Constellation Method), 5Rhythms, Somatic Release, Osho meditations, Reiki, LomiLomi massage therapy, Integrating energy works & Shamanic tools, and so on.

She specializes in emotional repression, chronic pain, all kinds of traumas (also preverbal, birth, past life, inter- and transgenerational, developmental, abandonment, etc.), physical and sexual abuse, addiction, relationship and sexuality, anxiety, PTSD, c-PTSD, ADHD, OCD, and nervous system regulation.

To train with Serena to become a certified facilitator, book a clarity call first:
To do sessions with her, go here:



I think I can say that I am a person who, thanks to KI’s somatic processing method, was able to finally mature from a girl to a woman and grow up, to find her inner self and her path in life. Of course, this is an ongoing internal process and natural growth, which continues today…

As a little girl, I lived a very simple life. I grew up in a small town near the capital of Hungary, where my everyday life was mostly influenced by the present moment and the observation and admiration of life. I loved observing and feeling the vibrancy and manifestation of life through people and nature. This deep love and feeling for things brought me great joy. At the same time, I had to face the suffering that can come with the repression of this life very early on: in the first half of my life, unfortunately, I had to experience a lot of emotional, physical and sexual violence. These experiences are what caused me to close down and repress myself, and my emotions, and to some extent lose my faith and trust in people, myself, and life.

It is this period full of traumas, this closure, and decades of deep emotional and self-repression that made everyday life unbearable by the time I was 32: chronic physical illnesses with excruciating pain, mental health problems (chronic anxiety and attention deficit disorder), chronic fatigue, depression, aimlessness, recurring relationship and financial problems made my everyday life difficult, and at that time even the most basic tasks were a huge challenge for me. Of course, I tried to help myself with all the presence and knowledge I had after 12 years of advaita inquiry and non-dual awareness, not to mention several years of individual and group therapy. But I couldn’t really get to the root of my trauma and self-repression with any of them.

That’s when I met Scott. Immediately I knew we were on the same wavelength. It felt like meeting an old friend again. As he introduced me to KI more and more, I fell in love with this method. It worked immediately and my love and enthusiasm have grown unstoppably every day to this day. As it became a part of my daily practice and consciousness, I felt better emotionally and in my body. Joy, lightness, playfulness, trust, and last but not least, femininity and self-expression returned to my life gradually. 

Also, I feel that through my own process and transformation, I have gained a very deep understanding and skills of the KI tools and a profound inner intuitive sense of myself and others on a human level. And that’s what I use in individual sessions and in my KI facilitator training, along with unconditional love and compassion. And since one of the most important keys to KI is mastering the method in order to become more and more skilled in self-facilitation, I have always focused on the transmission and teaching of these tools we’ve been developing with our team. Since one of the most effective ways to do this is facilitator training (regardless of whether you want to get certification or not), I will withdraw from giving individual sessions in the future and will focus only on training.

I wish you to experience the results of somatic processing and coming out of emotional and self-repression: that regardless of external circumstances, you can always feel free, safe, loved, and complete within yourself.

Because only you can give this to yourself, no one else. ;)

Hope to see you soon and work together.

Hello, my name is Toshi Matsunaga.

I discovered KI in the midst of my own experience with physical and emotional pain – since using KI to meet the part of myself that was always there, just hidden by trauma and repression, my love for this work has grown exponentially and I have no greater passion or love than that of facilitating KI sessions for others trying to navigate an often painful and challenging human life. I am now a very experienced facilitator, helping to have developed the latest repression, 3rd dimension work tools and 3rd dimension map alongside Scott and Dan, I am also experienced in training and certifying individuals to become experienced KI facilitators, up to the Green Check Mark Level.

I have a passion to take people beyond the need to heal, or need to be ok.

By taking responsibility for our suffering, freedom & choice can re-enter our lives once again. Bringing everything to the table to be inquired into, which includes all identities, stories and beliefs. Making our unconscious conscious, with no exceptions. We might not see that this is what we want until we start to uncover the beliefs & programs that block our natural recovery. These begin to arise when we become more conscious of our programs (emotional repressions, beliefs, traumas, to name a few) that have been running our lives. Along the way we will start to see who we really are, everything and nothing at the same time, the true embodiment of what and who we are.

There is so much beauty in discovering what lies beyond our darkest stories and repressed emotions. When they are returned to Awareness we come home!

I have experience working with: emotional repression, addiction, chronic pain, physical abuse, racial abuse, sexual abuse, sexual repression, depression, PTSD, cPTSD, birth trauma, spiritual seeking, past life trauma and non-dual bypass.

I have been doing the repression work on anger, shame, and fear on myself. As the repressions started to lift, I have started to experience major changes in the way I interact, perceive and experience life, in a way I never knew possible under repression. And my relationship with people around me has changed dramatically, especially with my family members. By doing emotional repression work, I also found that my frequent stomach pain and mouth ulcers were connected to and caused by the repression of emotions. After 6 months of doing the work, the pain and strong contraction are now almost gone (only occasional contraction). The mouth ulcer hasn’t come back in a very long time.

I never knew I could trust and love my body as much as I do now. The body remembered everything for me even though I was busy trying to forget and run away from certain emotions, contractions, and pains. My darkest secrets, scariest memories, deepest anger, loneliest moments… I’m learning to now see that the contraction/pain are like gifts that my body saved for me, rediscovering again on this mysterious journey called life. And they are like gifts because seeing them for what they really are, it brings me back to who I really am.

I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. At the age of 11, I was sent to England to go to a free school called Summerhill founded by A.S. Neill. The school gave me time to really explore and learn how to be with myself. I have learned what freedom means and also to live freely comes with great responsibilities at a young age. Since then I have been living in the UK up until the present moment.

Throughout my life, I was always curious to find out who or what we really are as human beings. So, my search for truth started with a few spiritual books and then moved on to sitting with many great teachers. I have tried many different practices (Non-duality, Advaita, ACIM, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Zen, etc.) and sat with many teachers (Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Aisha Salem, Jeff Foster, Mooji, Ayuka Mizoguchi, etc.) After a series of awakening experiences and somatic embodiment work, I have started to live from and abide in my true nature/awareness/presence more and more.

However, somedays I will sit and be with a contraction/pain in my body for hours or days sometimes, and when it did eventually fall away (or not), there was a feeling of inefficiency and there was a sense that something was not quite right and that I’m missing something completely regarding the way I was experiencing bodily sensations. That’s when I started to watch Scott’s videos on KI and I started to inquire into the body. This changed everything, I could clearly see how I was blinded by just abiding in awareness even if I was being with sensations, I was not inquiring into them so the thoughts that were trapped in them could not be seen. Especially the repressed emotions, I was completely blind to them from the non- dual awareness. Also, I began to see and catch that abiding in awareness and letting “everything be as it is” was somehow helping the repressed emotions be repressed further. And that the repressed contractions/pain do not come up by themselves to be seen in awareness because the idea of letting “everything be as it is” kept them hidden below the surface.

I join the KI facilitator training program which really gave me the time to dive in and uncover my repressed anger and shame. And also discovered my spiritual bypass that was happening throughout my seeking life. Especially after the so- called spiritual liberation, where it was really easy for me to be stuck and hide in the awareness as an identity.

Note: Mihai is no longer accepting any clients.

Mihai Algiu – born in Eastern Europe, Romania, during the communist totalitarian regime. Mihai started being interested in spirituality, truth, mind and consciousness since a teenager. He spent over 25 years studying various Eastern teachings such as the Fourth Way, (the Gurdjieff ~Oupsensky system), Qi Qong, Zen, Vipassana, Non-Duality, Advaita Vedanta, the Direct path. Among the many influences that shaped his understanding of spirituality as well as his therapeutical orientation are: Gurdjieff-Ouspensky, The Fourth Way, David Hawkins, Thich Nhat Hanh, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle,  Rupert Spira, Isaac Shapiro etc.

In 2015 Mihai met his current teachers, Francis Lucille and Laura Lucille which became a turning point towards deepening into the the study and application of the Non-Dual Direct Path. About the same time, Mihai became deeply interested somatic awareness based psychotherapy, (Hakomi), as well as being active in Mankind Project as a senior facilitator facilitating Shadow Work groups in the Sierra Foothills, California as well as part of the Inside Circle Foundation, leading Shadow Work groups inside Folsom prison, California. Another crossroad represented the encounter with Scott Kiloby and the Kiloby Inquiries which continued to integrate the ‘enlightenment non-dual teachings’ with the somatic core deconstruction of suffering and trauma.

He is currently working as a psychotherapist, working with individuals, couples, groups in 1:1 setting as well as weekly Circle of Being Shadow Work groups, intensives and retreats. He has been living in the Sierra foothills , California for the last 15 years where he enjoys nature, hot springs, archery and music.

I view psychotherapy as a useful tool and support towards our innate pursuit of happiness, contentment and harmony. Whether recovering from years of addiction, healing from the aftermath of past wounds, navigating difficult relationship dynamics, dealing with trauma, loss, transition, uncovering old programmed limiting beliefs…..our innate authentic self/spirit strives towards wholeness and being in harmony with all things. My approach is experiential, effective and practical -influenced by Hakomi ~Mindfulness based Somatic Psychotherapy, Shadow Work, Gestalt, Psychodrama, Attachment Theory, psychedelic work, as well as a variety of Eastern spiritual teachings (Advaita, 4th Way). I have extensive experience working with men, women and youth in crisis, as well as incarcerated men. I have a client-centered approach guiding the client back to their own innate inner wisdom, strengths and authentic self. I consider awareness, self-inquiry and Kiloby Inquiries as essential ingredients in the process of healing, freedom from unnecessary suffering, and being happy celebrating the miracle of life.

I am a Certified Facilitator for the Kiloby Inquiries, the Living Inquiries, a trainer for The Work of Byron Katie, and the founder of Inquiry with Lava where I offer one-on-one sessions, individual retreats, intensives, and training. I facilitate in English and German. Custom times
for sessions are available.

I bring my genuine curiosity, love of adventure, and earthiness into my facilitation. These inquiries are the basis for my practice of facilitation including the expressive arts, bodywork, and nature. In addition, my background includes shamanic work, body/mind integrative therapy, subtle energy work, and the Life/Art Process.

Through the Inquiries, I experience less resistance and avoidance to feel emotions and rest in presence without repression. My compulsive behavior to be perfect and efficient turns into expressing my love and being vulnerable.

Inquiry is a way of life for me: my identities, my hurt and frustration, trauma responses, and repressed emotions –, nothing escapes my inquiry. I enjoy an authentic human life with everything that arises, the joys and sorrows, welcoming all; no exceptions, so that I can offer you an integrated and well-practiced set of life skills that are always evolving and deepening.

Bring your desperate needs, your ongoing urges, your compulsive wantings, your irresistible commands and demanding drives, your injunctions, your musts and have to’s, not to mention all those don’ts and can’ts, and no, no, No! – never again…… and if you want to find yourself, lose yourself, relax compulsions, ease anxieties, look at trauma and repression, and are ready and curious: I would love to facilitate you.


Ich bin zertifizierte Begleiterin für die Kiloby Inquiries, die Living Inquiries, Trainerin für The Work of Byron Katie und Gründerin von Inquiry with Lava. Individuelle Zeiten für Sessions
sind möglich.

Was biete ich dir an?

Einzelsitzungen, Individuelle Retreats, Intensivkurse, Trainings – auf Deutsch und Englisch.

Die Basis meiner Arbeit sind aufrichtige Neugierde, Erforschungsdrang und Bodenständigkeit, die auch den kreativen Ausdruck, Körperarbeit und die Natur mit einschließt. Darüber hinaus umfasst mein Hintergrund schamanische Arbeit, Body/Mind Integrative Therapie, Energiearbeit und den Life/Art-Prozess.

Wohin geht die Reise?

Meine Verletzungen und Frustrationen, Identitäten, Traumata, unterdrückte Emotionen – nichts entkommt den Inquiries (auf Deutsch etwa: Befragung, Untersuchung).

Durch sie erlebe ich weniger Widerstand und Vermeidungsstrategien gegenüber meinen Gefühlen. Es passiert, einfach present zu sein ohne Un-annehmlich-keiten zu unterdrücken. Meine Rebellinnen Identität, mein zwanghaftes Verhalten, perfekt und effizient zu sein, verwandeln und verlieren sich.

Ich drücke meine Liebe und Verletzlichkeit aus. Ich genieße ein authentisches Leben mit  allem, was auftaucht, mit den Freuden und Sorgen – ich heiße ALLES willkommen, ohne Ausnahme.

So biete ich lebenspraktische Fertigkeiten ein, die sich ständig weiterentwickeln und vertiefen.

Was brauchst du dazu?

Bring zur Session deine tiefsten Bedürfnisse mit, dein immer wiederkehrendes Verlangen, deine zwanghaften Wünsche, deine unwiderstehlichen Befehle, deinen fordernden Druck, dein ewiges Klagen und alles, was du sollst und musst – und nicht zu vergessen, was du nicht sollst und nicht kannst – und dein „Nein, nein, NEIN – nie wieder …“

Und wenn du dich finden oder verlieren, deine Zwänge loslassen und deine Ängste befreien willst, deine Traumata und unterdrückten Gefühle ansehen willst und bereit und neugierig bist auf dich:

Ich habe Lust, dich dabei zu begleiten.

Note: Caitlin’s immediate availability is very limited. You may have to wait up to 4 weeks to find a session time compatible with your own scheduling needs.

As your facilitator, my intention is to gently guide you towards your own innate wisdom and fully support you as your transformation unfolds. I prefer to take a direct, experiential approach, meeting each client where they are at and honoring their individual needs.

I find presence/awareness based practices to be essential in supporting the process of deprogramming from years of limiting conditioning and the healing of trauma. I am honored to guide you in uprooting the source of emotional & psychological suffering and rediscovering your original freedom, authenticity, and joy of Being.

I can help to address a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, parenting needs, family conflict, relational problems, divorce, grief/loss, and trauma. I am inspired by and draw from the following modalities: Kiloby Inquiries, Hakomi, Family Systems, Attachment Theory, CBT, EFT, Mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotherapy, and a variety of Eastern philosophical traditions.

It is a profound joy to support others on their path towards freedom from suffering and awakening to a more meaningful, authentic, and happy life.

Caitlin is an  Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #133111. Supervised by Spencer Campbell, LMFT #45585

Kiloby Inquiries all dimension certified trainer & facilitator ✅.  


I am a non bypassing non-dual teacher with 13 years of direct experience. Waking up and abiding in our true nature was not enough. Some unconscious repressed fear was debilitating my expression for years. Stepping into the power of my voice fully was only possible with KI. In 2020 signing up to KI training with Scott and Dan changed the trajectory and the quality of my life and work. I released loads of repressed shame and anger from my system and now am able to let live manifest and express effortlessly. And I know you can live and be the fullest free expression of YOU!


I am so passionate about this method of deprograming & embodiment that I am here to inspire others to experience it for themselves. These tools and my perseverance in experimenting with them brought effortlessness, ease in the unknown, financial abundance, freedom of expression, burst of creativity and such a fulfilling work environment, where everyone is honoring integrity, authenticity and inner deepening. I’ve learned so much from all my fellow trainees and clients, it’s been such a privilege to hold space and witness their growth and transformation. I’ve been training in KI with Scott and on my own since 2021 and now so excited to train all dimensions training for full immersion in this work. 


I have experience working with: parents and children, childhood trauma, repression of voice/power/expression, non-dual bypassing, spiritual seeking, emotional repression, addiction, chronic pain, abuse, sexual abuse, sexual repression, depression, PTSD, birth trauma mother and baby, grief and loss, couples counseling, lack and scarcity mindset. 


I can help you move beyond suffering and fear into the world more fully with your gifts, authenticity and uniqueness recognizing your unbroken, true nature. 


Rodrigo Ríos is a certified Green Check Mark Facilitator ✅

While many teaching has served my growth, KI has been they key to release repressed emotions. Its life changing.

I love that KI takes listening to the body to another level. Working with the complexity of emotions, becomes simple and efficient. In my experience the tools makes the process an art of transformation. It´s priceless!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Rumis poem is exactly what KI supports. Your wisdom is within. Inquiries can help unknot the knots and set you free and come out of repression and suffering. I am here to support you.

My journey includes Kiloby Inquiries, non-duality, essence therapy, enneagram and cosmology. While I have heartfelt gratitude for all my teachers, I know the short comings in non-duality and the related pain from spiritual bypass.

My work includes the spiritual journey, relational issues, bypass personal growth, stress, traumatic experiences, meaninglessness, lack of self-worth and self expression. Rodrigo has taught stress reduction and Enneagram in cooperate settings. As a supervisor he trained the staff at a Addiction Recovery Center to implement mindfulness into their program. In open course settings he has taught Mindfulness to over thousands of people. Rodrigo is known as a compassionate spiritual mentor. Currently, Rodrigo works with individuals and groups.

Rodrigo was born in Chile and came to Denmark as a child with his parents, as refugees. He lives with his wife and 2 children.

Rodrigo has a HR and Ennegram Coach Certification and is a Mindfulness trainer. As a former Diamond Logos Teacher Rodrigo also has taught the subtle essence work.

I facilitate in English, Danish and Spanish.

I am a certified KI Facilitator as well as a trained psychotherapist (transpersonal psychology). I am offering facilitation sessions in English and Dutch (I also have an intermediate level of fluency in German and French).

A perfect storm and health crisis became the catalyst for my healing journey and deep dive into trauma and repression over 12 years ago. Though I have been trained in a wide variety of mind-body healing modalities, I have not earlier come across a more powerful, laser-sharp and comprehensive set of somatic inquiry tools as the Kiloby Inquiries which I use for myself and my clients on a daily basis. These tools are designed to bring into consciousness all our programming and reverse the core drivers of our suffering: unconscious energetic and emotional repression.

I am wildly passionate about somatic inquiry, as even when the process can stir up really difficult feelings (those that our individual system represses), each time, I have gained deeper levels of trust in my body and my direct experience and ultimately gained a profound sense of aliveness, joy and freedom.

Holding a safe space for others and guiding them as they navigate their inner world when experiencing painful challenges in their life and witnessing the depth of liberation in them is filling my heart with love and joy, and a profound sense of purpose.

As an All Dimensions Facilitator, I found my way to NRS through CPTSD and “narcissistic abuse”. I been a practicing yogini and meditator for many decades and am extremely versed in the enneagram and western psychology.

I have experience with many therapeutic and spiritual modalities including the 12-steps. Through on-going therapy and the 12 steps, I had a complete understanding of the dynamic of my suffering and tools to regulate/ tolerate my suffering. With meditation, I was able to sit and witness my suffering effortlessly. It wasn’t until I found the KI tools that I was actually able to reverse the the suffering that was showing up as bodily contractions, compulsions, debilitating insomnia, and as toxic relationships.

In working with you, I want you to find the same relief I have found using these tools. Together, we will find the identities and programs that are causing the most suffering in your life; and through KI emotional repression work, help transmute the energy on this conditioning in the body that is causing you distress in your life so that you may live from a place of more freedom and authenticity.

Alec Rodrigues has been certified to facilitate inquiry since 2015 and brings a keen sense of intuition to his work. He believes that in connection, the deepest healing takes place, that the mirror of relationship is the best crucible for transformation. Through rest and inquiry, Alec has found the empowerment to meet others authentically and stop running so damn fast from the seeming “ordinariness” of life.

He currently lives in Washington state with his girlfriend and works as a training assistant for the KI Personal Mentorship Program, where he empowers enrollees by teaching them the KI tools.

Hello, and thank you for being here. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. 

My parents got divorced when I was four years old. All I remember is that a few years later, Mom married someone called Max and I was ashamed of having a stepfather. That’s probably when my seeking started. I became socially inept in grade school and was mistakenly labeled a slow learner. So I fought my way out of that identity, became a gifted student, and skipped a grade in high school. I thought being one of the brightest kids in the class would make me feel like less of an outcast, but it didn’t. 

After surviving high school, I went to college and I threw myself into the counterculture of the peace and love revolution of the 60s and found what I thought was the perfect solution for my angst – drugs, sex, and alcohol. My love affair with escaping and getting high came to a temporary halt after ten years when I did a two year stint in AA. And of course, I counted the days that I was sober and used willpower to fight off the periodic urges to get drunk. I think I convinced myself and my sponsor that I was sincerely working the 12 steps, but in fact, one day I walked out of a meeting and went on a drinking spree and never looked back. That spree turned into several decades more of drinking and using.

Thankfully, two spiritual teachers came into my life and because of them, I began to look inside myself at the messiness that was me. I did a few years of bioenergetics therapy and took herbal remedies. I also learned about mantras and life lessons and talked to spirits, all the while still getting stoned, taking painkillers to ease my anxiety, and slugging down copious amounts of alcohol. 

In 2005, after getting dead drunk and breaking my leg, I decided to stop using and drinking again and I joined Smart Recovery. I got a lot out of their CBT tools and I liked the absence of labels like addict and alcoholic, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I still wasn’t getting to something important. I just didn’t know what that was. In 2009, my partner died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage and my health took a hit when I got a rare form of chronic leukemia. I was incapacitated and bedridden some of the time and ended up in the ER more than once with severe symptoms. I didn’t want to start drinking or using again, but my seeking accelerated to a whole new level. I continued to be obsessed with finding peace of mind and I was hoping that seeking itself would put an end to my suffering.

First, I went into three years of Hakomi therapy. It was very helpful and nourishing and led me to join a Buddhist sangha for eight years. But I sat on a mat for endless hours and still didn’t find whatever it was that I was seeking. Eventually, I found Dr. Joe Dispenza, Robert Ohotto, Adyashanti, and a few other spiritual teachers. And then quite by surprise, Scott Kiloby came into my life.

When I first heard Scott speaking on a YouTube video, something in me knew that I was going to come home to myself, and I realized that was really all I ever wanted –  to be present with myself and other people. I just didn’t know how to do it. My intuition told me that Scott would help me feel all my feelings, especially those that were repressed and trauma related.

I began to practice the Kiloby Inquiries and eventually trained with a skillful and loving teacher, Julianne Eanniello, and became a Certified Kiloby Facilitator. When I do the inquiries, I often experience waves of chaos and turmoil that are sometimes followed by waves of tranquility. There are other times when I feel anxious at the end of the session because a new door has opened to something deeper that requires more inquiry. I’m more willing now to sit with my feelings and ask myself questions I learned during my training like, “What is my body trying to tell me, or what’s really going on here, or what will happen if I never have peace of mind?” 

So have I found the answer to “Life, the Universe, and Everything?” Probably not, but

so much has changed since I joined the Kiloby community. I’m now finding I can stay present and express deep feelings to more and more people. Also, when I facilitate people who allow me to hold space for them during their most vulnerable moments, it brings me such joy to be there with them when they break through old conditioning that has sometimes caused them a lifetime of suffering. 

I rarely have urges to drink or use anymore and if I do, I’m learning through Scott and Dan McLintock’s Natural Recovery From Suffering, that I no longer need to white knuckle it or count days to push through urges. I now realize that freedom from suffering doesn’t come from soothing my pain, but rather it comes from finding out what’s driving the pain or even what’s driving an illness like my chronic leukemia. When Scott facilitated me in Nevada City, I was able to express deeply repressed anger at my partner for dying and abandoning me. Since then, I have had only mild leukemia symptoms and when they do flare up, I do Kiloby Inquiries so I can find the connection between the symptoms and something I’ve been unconsciously pushing down or holding back. 

I’d like to end with something Scott posted recently that perfectly describes for me my previous attachment to peace: 

“Being attached to peace (most people aren’t aware of this attachment when it’s happening) can deprive you of joy. Joy is discovered when you allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotions in awareness instead of seeking only non-emotional peace.” –  Scott Kiloby

Douglas Johnson, the founder of Mahāpatha Yoga, has been teaching meditation and yoga for over twenty years. In that time, he has helped countless people with their spiritual awakening and the post-awakening process that follows.

Douglas’ spiritual roots are in the Zen meditation tradition. Yet, his teaching draws from many sources, such as Tantra Yoga, Christianity, Taoism, Sufism, and modern non-dual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Gangaji, Adyashanti, Fred Davis, and Scott Kiloby.

As those who have worked with him will tell you, the value in working with Douglas is his intuition and connection to the numinous and the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that comes from having been spiritually awake for over two decades.

I was always curious and fascinated by the mysteries of the wide universe – even as a child often gazing into the sky and contemplating infinity. At the same time though, I also experienced abuse and neglect at home, so I clung to the strict Christian religion in which I was raised. From my earliest days I was devoted to a God whom I believed to be all powerful and who loved me unconditionally. As a college freshman though, after being introduced to the study of Philosophy, Psychology and European Intellectual History, I released my orthodox beliefs but held onto a knowing there was some great power of love that permeated all of life.

Then at age 27, a major life crisis precipitated an experience of the oneness of all things and a deep desire to understand more about spirituality. I began reading the works of many spiritual teachers and philosophers. Early on the list included Ram Dass, Pema Chodron, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Thich Nhat Hahn, Byron Katie, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle and David Hawkins. Their teachings supported me through several life crises during my thirties and forties, including my daughter’s cancer journey and my son’s serious arrest.

As my eyes were opened wider to the suffering around me, compassion for my fellow human beings deepened and I wanted to help relieve that suffering. Over the ensuing years I became a suicide hotline counselor, a mediator between victims and offenders of serious crimes, conducted peer to peer mediations at the jail, and joined Hospice as an 11th hour vigil volunteer. Finally I enrolled in a Masters program in Spiritual Psychology (M A 2006).

The Masters program was life changing and provided me with empowering tools and training I could use to guide my own life and those of my clients for many years. At some point though I noticed I was having to repeatedly disentangle myself from the very same issues. I found myself again searching for something that could take me deeper and help me break old patterns of suffering. In my search I discovered Gangaji, Papaji, Ramana Maharshi, Rupert Spira and Scott Kiloby.

Finding Scott Kiloby’s Inquiries online in 2018 was a pivotal moment for me; I began working with him as my Facilitator. Inquiry deepened my understanding, depth of awareness and capacity to see into the roots of my issues. I began to experience freedom in the form of an increased ability to respond differently in situations that had held me captive my entire life. I became a Certified Facilitator of the Kiloby Inquiries in 2019 and joined the staff at the Kiloby Center for Recovery and the Natural Rest House (a residential detox facility), from December 2019 to July 2022.

Today my greatest passion continues to be in sharing these transformational tools and helping others find clarity and freedom in any area of their lives.

I invite you to try inquiry. I am committed to holding you in safety while accompanying on the inward journey that leads to a deeper discovery of your own truth and autonomy.


Mh Ali was trained by Scott and is a Certified Facilitator located in California. His focus is on helping and supporting clients based on their needs. He is intuitive and can hold a safe space as the clients navigate perceptions, beliefs, behavioral patterns, and values. His commitment is that he will remain present for you, for himself, and the process, ensuring connectedness, calmness & clarity. Our inner understanding transforms how we relate to our mind, body, & world. As Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
I will do my best to help and support you in this journey.

I came to the inquiries in early 2020 after years of spiritual and psychological seeking during what I would call a “Dark Night of the Soul”. My journey of trying to make sense of myself and the world around me began at an early age. I had lost my father to addiction right before my 3rd birthday and slowly watched others in my family succumb to the powerful draw of addiction and eventually death. When I looked back on my family tree, it seemed that it had been there as far back as we could trace. By the time I was in high school, I was already reading my mother’s self-help books and studying transcendental meditation in an effort to figure out the cause of suffering in me and what I saw in others and more importantly, how to put an end to it without ending myself. I struggled with bouts of depression, addiction, and suicidal ideation as early as 14 years old. I would vacillate between my two coping strategies of hyper-rebellious and hyper-religious which would only serve to exacerbate the feelings of disappointment in myself and in those around me. When this behavior led to an unexpected pregnancy, I decided to start a family at the young age of 19 hoping that would give me a chance to prove I was good enough. Unhealed trauma, marriage and young motherhood was the most difficult emotional concoction I’ve ever navigated. Memories of childhood sexual abuse, birth trauma, bullying from my youth and the pain of abandonment began to resurface all at once in everyday thoughts, dreams and physical sensation. This surge of recall overtook me as I struggled with stuck states of depression, extreme irritability and racing thoughts. Luckily, I found my way through and out the other side with the help of healed family members and friends I’ve made along the way. I joined a 12-step community in 2002 and have grown to love the people there and the process. It proved to be a life-saving starting point for me and now I incorporate my knowledge of trauma healing into the work I do with others and the unique approach I take to the 12-step process. 

Over the years, I’ve participated in and been a student of many therapy models and teachers including Jungian psychology, Ego State, Imago, EMDR, psychodrama, parts work, DBT / Mindfulness, Breathework, EFT, altered states of consciousness, Reiki, Hemi-Sync, PSYCH-K, Kink Therapy, Shamanic Journeying, Ancestral Clearing, The Enneagram, Dr. Gabor Mate`, Brene Brown, Emmet Fox, Neale Donald Walsch, Jeff Foster, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, and Don Miguel Ruiz’s Agreements.  The final piece that tied it all together for me and helped me embody this knowledge is the Kiloby Inquiries. 

Through it all I’ve learned that I belong only to myself – no one else. When my interactions and relations flow from this understanding, there is so much more ease and less disappointment, judgement, or expectation.  I have also learned that the only way through emotion is to allow it to come up and through me.  I spent so many years trying to figure it all out, not realizing I was looking for a way to not have to feel it. I have greater access to joy in my everyday life and my hope is that will be one of the results that carry over to you in our work together. 

Whether you’re looking to explore the hidden drivers behind compulsive behavior, codependency, depressed states or any other self-destructive behavior, my goal will be to meet you where you are in a spirit of compassion and truth. I believe in the body’s natural pull towards healing and when we do the uncomfortable work to clear the way, blockages naturally take care of themselves and free us up for healthier expression of our life force. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s get on a clarity call together!

When I was a teenager I was an overachiever…or at least I thought I was.

The first moment I remember seeing through that identity happened when I was 17.

I was in my junior year of high school, sitting in the family room of my childhood home. My dad was sitting on the couch on one side of the coffee table, and I was sitting on the loveseat, or possibly on the floor, staring at 3 or 4 piles of worksheets, binders, textbooks, and study guides, each pile several inches tall. I believed I needed to finish all of that work, which if done thoroughly would probably take hundreds of hours, and I believed it needed to be done in about 3 weeks. I was sitting there desperately trying to convince myself I was going to do it (I knew I was not.)

And in that moment it was as if a filter was removed from my mind. I had a sudden insight, which if put into words now, would sound something like:

There’s not a chance in hell I’m gonna do all that work.

In that moment I smiled and quietly laughed to myself as I saw the absurdity and the futility of my attempts to hallucinate my false self into existence.

Within a couple months I diagnosed myself with OCD and ADHD (two more identities that I have come to see through), and I went to a psychiatrist who recommended a therapist who told me about Byron Katie.

I had my new identity. Instead of being a worldly overachiever I was a spiritual overachiever. ‘Harvard or Bust’ became ‘Enlightenment or Bust’.

I’m now 34. I spent my first 17 years with one type of seeking, the next 17 years with another type of seeking—though if I’m being honest, the wordly seeking never really went away but that’s another story—and now here I am, feeling like I’m finally getting some clarity.

The seeker is still alive within me, and I don’t know if that will ever change. But I do know that inquiry works. Since I started truly diving into inquiry, I am less anxious, less depressed, my chronic pain has drastically improved, and I am simply more able to relax and enjoy my life.

My practice is ongoing, and layers of suffering continue to fall away with each passing week. I want the same for you and I truly believe that inquiry is the way. What I love about KI in particular is that it’s like water. It will meet you wherever you are, and it will help you to open at your own pace.

I know it will work for you, because it’s worked for me, and after all, I am…just like you.

My name is Amaya. I feel devoted to connection, authenticity, and the mystery that binds us together. I would love to help you gently unravel unconscious belief systems and allow emotions held in the body to find integration and permission to be. Doing so can help release you from what might be holding you back from your full creative expression in life. I use guided meditations and the Kiloby Inquiries, an awareness-based somatic inquiry practice, to help you reconnect with your unique expression of freedom and wholeness. My blended background in the performing arts with close to two decades of meditation, spiritual seeking, and self-exploration, offer a safe and loving container where absolutely everything is welcomed.

My story:

I have always felt the drive to find deeper truths in this life. I was introduced to death at an early age with the passing of my father when I was 14. That event propelled my lifelong search to understand why we are here, where we go when we die, and how to find lasting peace within.

My initial explorations were set on the stage as a professional actor where I spent close to a decade attempting to understand and express the human predicament. Over time, being not quite satisfied with the limitations of the art form, singing and songwriting became the primary creative outlet for expression and connection with a higher power.

Simultaneously, I dove into exploring many spiritual and therapeutic practices such as Vipassanna meditation, Hatha Yoga, Hakomi therapy, A Course in Miracles, “The Work” of Byron Katie, and many teachers who taught Eastern spirituality and philosophy.

In 2013, I met a Non-Dual teacher based in California and felt deeply moved by his pointing toward oneness and lasting peace. I subsequently spent close to a decade in deep contemplation with him and a group of like-minded spiritual seekers. My entire life was turned toward the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. During that time, I experienced many profound windows into the eternal loving presence that animates us while also shedding light on aspects of painful conditioning I’d adopted over a lifetime.

In 2021, my mother passed away after a very long and challenging illness. Concurrently, my spiritual community fell apart due to unmet shadows and harmful power dynamics that came to light. The pain and confusion I experienced from these events catapulted me into new territory and helped me recognize ever more clearly that we cannot bypass our humanity in the pursuit of awakening.

Soon after I discovered The Kiloby Inquiries. The simple marriage of presence and turning toward the places I wanted to run from brought so much clarity and helped open me to a more full and creative expression of my authentic self. Using these tools was and continues to be so profoundly healing, regulating, and expansive in my own personal process that I decided to become certified as a KI Facilitator. I trained with Scott directly and got certified in Dimension 1 & 2 in early 2023. Working with people and exploring their inner world together through this practice has become an incredibly powerful, illuminating, and fulfilling endeavor. I currently continue my training in the Repression aspect of KI (Dimension 3) and am never short of astonished as buried layers of suffering are released to discover more freedom and passion open up organically as a result.

I feel privileged to be a space holder and witness for others in this profoundly deep work and I look forward to connecting with you if you would like to dive in together.

“The only way out is through.”

Through the struggles, breakthroughs, pitfalls, and freedom experienced on my own journey, I offer a space of support and compassion (for our human pain and messy-ness), but most importantly specific tools to help you unearth the root of your suffering – to bring it to the light of your own awareness so that it may be seen, honored and naturally released. 

With these simple and direct tools we see and feel parts of ourselves that have been longing to be seen and felt since the moment they were denied and locked in the body (most likely since childhood). The unconscious is strange; it’s both hidden but always present. There’s no way to describe in words both the familiarity and surprise felt as these programmes arise before our eyes; it has to be experienced first hand. Once the underlying emotions are felt, they no longer unknowingly run our lives, and we are gifted with more freedom and choice. An embodied, felt sense of wholeness comes from finally reconnecting with ourselves in this way. 

The Kiloby Inquiries came into my life after being on the spiritual path for almost a decade. In that time I made my way through all sorts of practices, styles, and teachings, desperately seeking enlightenment/the end of suffering. I didn’t fully realize then that the seeking was a trauma response, an attempt to bypass uncomfortable, painful, repressed feelins. Zen, Non-Duality, Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Vipassana, Sedona Method, yoga, breathwork, hypnotherapy, quantum healing, psychedelics, TRE, ice baths, posture work, tai chi, acupuncture… the list goes on. I learnt and gained a lot from these practices, though something was missing. 

By the time I found KI I was pretty burnt out, disillusioned, and desperate. My body was screaming; dysfunctional behaviors, difficult relationships, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue. A general feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life, unable to access it like I once had. The calmness I found in meditation quickly dissipated once the day-to-day reality came up against me (or, my programming), and even the peace of meditation was becoming rare. This changed when, with inquiry, I realized the challenges and triggers in my life were calling on me to look at them, hear them, feel them; and had been for a long time. Rather than turning away from them through nervous system regulation, controlling external circumstances, or philosophizing it all away, I could move toward them and finally face what I’d been running from. A profound peace comes from this. Instead of going around uncomfortable feelings, I learnt to go through them, and in the process came to realize my worst fears/beliefs around feeling them (“I’ll die”, “It’s not safe”, “They’ll kill me”, “It’s too much”) simply weren’t true. The peace and joy I was looking for was in seeing and feeling all of this. The body/mind system could relax. 

For me, KI bridges the gap between experiential spiritual practices and the power of the unconscious like nothing I’ve come across. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say we haven’t seen anything like this as humans. It’s ever-evolving, all-encompassing, and yet simple, natural, and intuitive. 

Angela MacLeod is a Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator and KI-Training Assistant and a Certified Embodied Processing Practitioner and a Qigong teacher. Angela has a passion for teaching how the nervous system works and the Polyvagal Theory. She guides people to increase their nervous system awareness and capacity to enhance deep inquiry and embodiment during KI sessions.

With many years of experience in the field of movement studies, Qigong instruction, dance, compassionate communication (NVC) and mindfulness, Angela seeks to weave together a safe and comfortable learning environment, where each person’s grace and inner wisdom shines.

Angela shares how she came to Kiloby Inquiries:

“After many years struggling with my “dark night of the soul” – addiction, depression and trauma – I have come through like a phoenix rising from the ashes, oriented in my heart, connected with a deep guiding source that wants to dance with life and collaborate with others.

I remember with gratitude the first time I heard Scott talk about healing the underlying drivers of addiction, depression and suffering. I knew that was what I needed to focus on.

I began working with his methodology and it has been profoundly transforming for me. I took the training to deepen my own inner work and now I bring this work to others. With it we can see through our negative core beliefs and let the pain and trauma that is held in the body finally unravel and flow through. It is an amazing methodology for healing these deeper roots without adding any outside belief system.

I love sharing this work with others. In a facilitated Kiloby Inquiry session, I gently guide the client to inquire into the causes of their suffering. I follow their process and pace in non-judging, compassionate awareness.

With Kiloby Inquiries, the causes of pain and suffering often dissolve, revealing the peace, love and intelligence that is deeper than thoughts or beliefs.”

In addition to Kiloby Inquiries, Angela offers a mini course on Nervous System Resilience as well as one-on-one nervous system regulation coaching to enhance KI work and all areas of life.

Greeting from Montreal, Canada. (French below)

Hello, my name is Julie, I am comfortable working with anyone that has awakened to their true nature and is amid integration. Because I went through it myself, I feel stable and able to support others in that process that is far from comfortable sometimes but so rewarding when done from a place of willingness and authentic self-honesty.

I also feel comfortable and enthusiastic to be working with anyone who feels called to authentically meet themselves, this is as much awakening, whether gradual or sudden, awakening is that anyway, authentically meeting everything moment by moment.

I can work in English and French. French is my native language, but I am fully bilingual and I am used to working in English.

I hope to meet you and be of service to you.

If you are curious, more about my personal story is below.

At the beginning of 2021, I had a sudden non-dual realisation. I knew nothing about awakening and non-duality then. I was not involved in any search or acquisition of knowledge about spirituality and non-duality, and this realisation was very destabilising. It felt as if I was turned inside out, the deeper layers of emotional suffering were so close to the surface that there was no possibility to put a lid on any of them anymore.

In the summer of 2022, after having processed deep emotional suffering by myself, I came to Kiloby Inquiries to become a facilitator but soon discovered that the Kiloby Inquiries were first helpful for my own integration. Even though there was a sense of stabilisation in being and more and more joy, stillness and silence, I soon discovered that emotions were repressed and hidden from the light of consciousness and were impacting my capacity to live authentically.

Kiloby Inquiries have proven in my direct experience to be a powerful way to put the light of consciousness on what is still unseen even after awakening to our True Nature and resting in the silence of beingness.

KI has proven to be a set of skills and tools that brought me from awakening to liberation from suffering, which is experientially very different. I can honestly say that I am not suffering anymore. It does not mean that strong emotions are not appearing, but when they do, I am not suffering from them. I can authentically feel them, listen deeply and skilfully inquire into them. That is experientially very different. I feel free.

Awakening to the knowing that “me” is an illusion was one thing, but to truly live from that knowing was made possible by the Kiloby Inquiries tools. With KI, I was blessed to practise many hours of facilitation with another facilitator in training. I was able to go deeper and more precisely into the drivers of identification and suffering. I was able to not only feel but also skilfully uncover repressed and hidden emotions without judgment and shame. This has brought me to a place of being, where nothing is denied in me.

It is not a destination, and I am immensely grateful for that. I can use the tools whenever I need them, and there is no expectation of an endpoint, an arrival or a “final” state of being. I can integrate as I walk in my life fully and authentically. For that, I am eternally grateful for KI, and I hope to be able to support others in meeting themselves fully and authentically.



Salutations de Montréal, Canada.

Bonjour, je m’appelle Julie, je suis à l’aise de travailler avec toute personne qui s’est éveillée à sa vraie nature et qui est en cours d’intégration. Parce que je suis passée par là moi-même, je me sens stable et capable de soutenir d’autres personnes dans ce processus qui est loin d’être confortable parfois, mais tellement gratifiant lorsqu’il est fait à partir d’un lieu de volonté authentique et d’honnêteté.

Je me sens aussi très à l’aise de travailler avec n’importe qui sentant un appel à se rencontrer authentiquement, cela est tout autant l’éveil, qu’il soit graduel ou soudain, l’éveil c’est cela, se rencontrer authentiquement moment par moment.

Je peux travailler en anglais et en français. Le français est ma langue maternelle, mais je suis parfaitement bilingue et habituée à travailler aussi en anglais.

J’espère pouvoir vous rencontrer et être utile pour vous.

Plus de détails ci-bas à propos de mon histoire personnelle.

Au début de l’année 2021, j’ai eu une soudaine réalisation non duelle. Je ne connaissais rien de l’éveil spirituel ni de la non-dualité à l’époque. Je n’étais pas impliquée dans une recherche ou une acquisition de connaissance spirituelle, et cette prise de conscience a été plutôt déstabilisante. J’avais l’impression d’être retourné à l’envers, les couches profondes de la souffrance étaient si proches de la surface qu’il n’y avait plus de possibilité de mettre un couvercle sur aucune d’elles.

Au cours de l’été 2022, après avoir intégré plusieurs de ces couches émotionnelles par moi-même, je suis venue à connaître Kiloby Inquiries dans le but de devenir facilitatrice, mais j’ai vite découvert que cela m’aidait d’abord moi-même dans mon processus d’éveil. Bien qu’il y avait chez moi, en arrivant à Kiloby Inquiries, un sentiment de stabilité, de plus en plus de joie, de calme et de silence, j’ai vite découvert que certaines émotions étaient toujours refoulées et cachées de la lumière de la conscience et cela m’empêchait de vivre authentiquement.

Kiloby Inquiries s’est révélé, dans mon expérience directe, être un moyen puissant de mettre la lumière de la conscience sur ce qui est encore invisible, même après s’être éveillé à notre vraie nature.

KI s’est avéré être un précieux savoir-faire et des outils qui m’ont permis de passer de l’éveil à la libération de la souffrance, ce qui est très différent d’un point de vue de l’expérience directe. Je peux dire honnêtement que je ne souffre plus. Cela ne signifie pas que les émotions fortes n’apparaissent pas ou n’apparaîtront plus jamais, mais lorsqu’elles apparaissent, je n’en souffre pas. Je peux les ressentir de manière authentique et les écouter profondément. Ceci est très différent d’un point de vue de mon expérience directe, je me sens libre.

S’éveiller à la connaissance que «le moi personnel» est une illusion était une chose, mais vivre véritablement à partir de cette connaissance a été rendu possible avec Kiloby Inquiries. Avec KI, j’ai eu la chance de pratiquer de nombreuses heures de facilitation en compagnie d’une autre facilitatrice en formation. J’ai pu découvrir les moteurs de mon identification et de ma souffrance. J’ai pu non seulement ressentir, mais aussi découvrir habilement, grâce aux outils enseignés par kiloby Inquiries des émotions refoulées et cachées, et cela sans jugement ni honte.

Ce n’est pas une destination, et j’en suis immensément reconnaissante. Je peux utiliser les outils chaque fois que j’en ai besoin, et il n’y a pas d’attente d’un point final, d’une arrivée ou d’un état d’être «définitif». Je peux intégrer tout en étant en mouvement dans ma vie, pleinement et authentiquement. Pour cela, je suis éternellement reconnaissante à KI, et j’espère pouvoir aider d’autres personnes à se rencontrer pleinement et authentiquement.


During an “aha” moment on Christmas Eve I decided to change my life and go to AA on my own. I did the work to forgive myself and others and then decided to do more inner/spiritual work beyond AA since that time. I have attended many healing workshops led by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Michael Beckwith, Rhys Thomas, Dain Heer, Scott Kiloby, Matt Kahn and many others. This has been foundational for my own healing.  I have learned many healing modalities the past 21 years and love to support others on their journey. 

I want to live in a world where people know that they’re amazing and aren’t afraid of being their authentic self.  🤩🌈

This is actually why I became a Freedom Facilitator. Because I LOVE helping my clients become aware of their triggers, trauma, repressed emotions and beliefs which helps them release old patterns to feel more joyful, peaceful, vibrant and whole. This is being authentic.

As a young child I saw a picture of Jesus gazing lovingly at some children around his feet. I immediately longed for the unconditional love I saw in his gaze. At the same time, I was being read fairy tales, like Cinderella, and came to believe that romantic love would satisfy that longing for love.

So, I married my handsome prince at age 19. But then, by age 29, I found myself alone, as a single mother, with four young children. I was devastated and convinced that something was terribly wrong with me, to have ended up in such a predicament. 

I had learned to love and please others, but not how to love and respect myself. I was a “good girl,” and repressed my urges to have my own needs acknowledged and met. A wise teacher later told me, “We need to love everyone, including ourselves.” This was an amazing revelation for me!

Learning to meditate helped immensely to bring moments of peace, while I was sitting still, though I was still being triggered regularly in my relationships. Finally, the Kiloby Inquiries taught me how to turn my attention inside in daily life – towards the trapped thoughts and emotions I’d been running from – so that I could face and release them. It was like some tender, lost children began coming home, to take their rightful place in my inner world. 

I am honored and excited to be able to facilitate these wonderful inquiries for others.

Sumitra lives in Eugene, Oregon, US.  She has four grown children and six grandchildren. For many years she lived and worked in a yoga retreat community in California, and has taught yoga, meditation and Compassionate Communication in addition to facilitating the tools of the Kiloby Inquiries (since 2013).

Working with compulsions – especially regarding food – is a special interest for Sumitra. 

She also loves working with couples and others with relationship challenges in a simple deep listening practice that allows each person to be truly heard and acknowledged.

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Valerie Vinger is a thriving survivor of life’s painful challenges and growth opportunities. She has worked with 12-step programs and is currently a 13-year stage-III cancer survivor. Her cancer recovery journey started with the traditional “cut, poison, burn” approach but eventually led her down a natural path to healing her body, her pain and suffering, and her buried emotions.

Valerie first stumbled upon Scott Kiloby at a workshop of his in Boulder, Colorado in 2012, which she says is one of the most transformative experiences she’s ever had. She is filled with gratitude for the person she has become through her journey with cancer recovery and with the Inquiries, which she describes as “coming home to myself.” She loves working with people who are ready for relief from their pain and suffering.