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Below is a list of certified facilitators available for sessions. To learn more about a facilitator, scroll over their photo.

Note: Facilitators with a green checkmark in their photo are trained to facilitate sessions on emotional repression as it relates to body contractions and chronic pain.

All facilitators offer clarity calls unless otherwise stated. What is a clarity call?

Scott Kiloby

Co-Creator of the Kiloby Inquiries.
Work with Scott

Julianne Eanniello

KI Trainer & Facilitator. Over a decade of facilitation and training experience.
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Dan McLintock

Co-Creator of the Kiloby Inquiries.
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Darby Totten

KI facilitator and plant medicine ceremony guide.
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Divya Sharma

Certified facilitator, experience in repression and chronic pain work.
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June Jackson

KI Facilitation, Non-Duality, Life Coaching, Grief Work, Psychedelic Integration
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Alec Rodrigues

Intuitive facilitator with 6+ years' experience.
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Sumitra Burton

9+ years' as a facilitator. Has taught yoga, meditation, and Compassionate Communication.
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Tim Gallaher

KI Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in spiritual inquiry.
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Lava Mechthild Ewersmeyer

German/English Facilitator of KI, LI, The Work, coach, somatic therapist, artist
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Mihai Algiu

KI, Somatic psychotherapist, Non-Duality, Trauma, Addiction, Psychedelic work
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Dianne Adams

KI facilitator and training assistant. Non-dual awareness.
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Note: Currently, Scott is not available for free calls. Also, he is booked roughly three months in advance, and his current session start times are 12:00 PM and 1:30 PM Central Time.

Scott Kiloby is a noted international speaker, well-respected enlightenment (nonduality) teacher who has helped thousands of people all over the world, an entrepreneur, creative spirit, and a prolific author of seven books that simplify and demystify authentic spiritual awakening as it is taught in the East.

Scott has broken new ground in a number of areas, including being the co-founder and owner of the first two treatment centers in the U.S. to focus primarily on mindfulness and nondual awareness as the central path to freedom in recovery, the Kiloby Center for Recovery (day treatment) and the Natural Rest House (24-hour care facility).

Scott is an innovator in the addiction field, which for decades has shamed, judged, punished, and instilled fear into clients to keep them clean (with a relatively low success rate). After studying that archaic model, Scott developed the New Model of Recovery which contains a zero-tolerance for shaming, judging, or punishing people whether they are using or not.

Instead, Scott focuses on showing people unconditional love and using the Kiloby Inquiries to heal their pain that drives the addiction in the first place. This has been the central key to the success of Scott’s work.

Scott’s work is in no way limited to addiction recovery. Scott is also the developer of several forms of inquiry that help people with a wide array of human suffering other than addiction such as trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, OCD, and general unhappiness with life by teaching them to live in the present moment instead of “in their heads.”

Scott’s work is considered to be on the innovative edge of enlightenment teachings and in the recovery and trauma world.

Julianne Eanniello is a Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator and Certification Trainer, a founding Living Inquiries Facilitator and former trainer, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of the Kiloby Center for Recovery in Rancho Mirage CA, and a Certified TRE Practitioner.  About Julianne:

For most of my life I’ve wondered who I am and why I am here.  As I was growing up, no one else seemed to be talking about these things, or even thinking about them, so I buried it deep inside and tried my best to fit in the way I was “supposed” to, all the while feeling like there was something desperately wrong with me and that I needed to fix it.

In my early thirties, the death of a young relative left me feeling hopeless and helpless, wondering what is the point of life if we’re all just going to die anyway?  This launched me on a search.  I didn’t even know what I was looking for, I just knew that there was a longing – a desperate longing for something that actually made sense about life.  I learned several alternative spiritual and healing techniques.  I meditated.  I read books and watched videos.  I eventually learned of non-duality teachings, and I read more books, watched more videos, and even sat with several ‘awakened’ teachers.  Yet I was still searching, something still felt missing. I was looking for the key that would unlock the mystery of me and of life.

In my early forties, I developed a chronic health condition that left me unable to work for several years, and most days barely able to get out of bed due to extreme fatigue, brain fog and pain. I lost my banking job, and eventually lost my home.  I saw a multitude of doctors to try to find out what was wrong with me, and used every tool in my metaphysical and alternative medicine toolkit to try to heal myself. My seeking became even more intense, and I was looking for a way to escape my pain.

In 2009, I met Scott Kiloby.  Since I started working with him and doing the Living Inquiries, the seeking for enlightenment has stopped, and the question of ‘who am I’ is no longer relevant.  My victim stories around my health started falling away. Once I started looking at my experience with inquiry, everything changed.  I stopped chasing something ‘out there.’  I no longer seek some future state of happiness or peace.  This is not to say that I don’t have problems, or ever experience pain. Quite the contrary. I still use the inquiries regularly, and now there is much less avoidance or resistance to what I’m experiencing. I experience more and more freedom in the present moment, exactly as it appears.

Having trained with Scott, I was one of the first to be certified as a Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator and Trainer in early 2012.  In 2014, I moved to CA to work with Scott at The Kiloby Center for Recovery, where we work with people suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression and more.  In early 2015, I became his business partner, and we are co-owners in the business.  Since then, we have developed additional inquiries, the Kiloby Inquires, to help our clients.

I work with clients all over the world on virtually any topic, including spiritual seeking, stress, anxiety, depression, traumatic historical experiences, relationship issues, addiction, compulsion, and general unhappiness with ourselves and our lives.  I do this through online sessions, deepening courses, workshops and facilitator certification training.  Those facing addiction are welcome to explore The Kiloby Center’s unique program. 

I can’t imagine my life without these inquiries.  They saved me from myself.  If you are still suffering, searching, longing… I encourage you to give this a try.

"Working with Dan has been nothing short of transformational. His open heart, honesty about his personal experience and permission to be real and not hide have helped me unlock those qualities in myself. And that has been a total game changer. I've been truly blessed, not only to have him as my KI Facilitator, but also as my mentor. Without a doubt, working with him has helped me to show up authentically, helped sharpen my tools and made me a better facilitator than I would've been on my own. I can't recommend him enough."
Darby Totten
Certified KI Facilitator

Dan McLintock is a Certified Facilitator, Trainer and the Co-Developer of the Kiloby Inquiries method/approach the New Model of Recovery along w Scott Kiloby. 

A Jacksonville, Florida native, Dan graduated Flagler College in 2004 with B.A. in Theatre Arts and English Literature and has played music professionally in bands for over 20 years. But his true passion lies in sharing the context, possibility and practicality of healing, awakening and release. 

Dan has worked one-on-one with clients in and out of the Kiloby Center since 2017 and has an unconditionally loving and earnest approach to healing trauma, dissolving the drivers of addiction/suffering and unhooking long-held toxic beliefs about ourselves, others and the world at large. 

He’s also worked intensively, side-by-side with Scott Kiloby for the past three years to develop the transformative tools of the Kiloby Inquiries as well as the principles and approach of the “New Model of Recovery” rooted in unconditional love and non-judgment. Much of this approach was borne out of Scott and Dan’s work with each other on their own personal traumas as well as their work with clients at the Kiloby Center. 

Scott and Dan have simplified, demystified and condensed some of the principles and practices of eastern/non-dual spirituality into an easily accessible set of tools most anyone can understand, learn and utilize to free themselves from their own suffering. 

Darby is a certified KI facilitator and plant medicine ceremony guide, with a background in magnetic healing and integrative attunement. After a long, wild and exhausting journey to healing childhood trauma, she came to KI because it’s effectiveness for deep, lasting relief and inner peace was outshining all the other healing modalities she had experienced.

She loves sharing what these simple tools can do to change a life, and she’s devoted to helping the ones who are ready.

Divya is a certified Kiloby Inquiries facilitator with a background in science and medicine. She came to KI after a fifteen year spiritual search because she was suffering from chronic pain on the right side of her face for three years with no apparent physical cause. Six months of intensive work with the Kiloby Inquiries led to complete relief from her pain and a more free flowing life with much less worries and more enjoyment of day to day life – can say more connection with the joie de vivre.

She is interested in helping people with loosening the stranglehold of conditioning and suffering on their lives and to reconnect with the basic joy of life.

Certified KI Facilitator, Psychedelic Integration Specialist, Certified Professional Life Coach, MBTI Certified, Voice Dialogue/Shadow Work Facilitator, Grief Work Specialist, Trained in Non-Dual Classic Advaita Vedanta.

June developed and manages the KI Personal Mentorship Program with optional Certified Facilitator Training for Scott Kiloby and Dan McLintock (the founders of the Kiloby Inquiries).

Having worked with thousands of people individually as well as leading dozens of transformative weekend retreats, I feel confident about holding space for whatever is a rising and helping with clarity and moving forward.

My initial core traumas took place in my teen and young adult years and these events happened mostly due to my naivete having been sheltered growing up. Innocence was lost and replaced by strong defense mechanisms. These types of defense mechanisms can be dismantled using certain practices and when approached with curiosity and courage.

As we practice this work with readiness, we notice impulses as soon as they arise and although we remember how compelling these stories, beliefs, impulses, and reactions once were, we eventually find them uninteresting and tedious. Unable to allure us, we remain in a stable and ceaseless awakened state.

Having spent some time in India in the early ’90s studying under a guru and a few erudite spiritual teachers for many years, I would devote 20 hours per week to spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, chanting, service work, yoga practices, fasting, rituals, philosophical studies, devotional practices, etc. until there came a point where I realized “Everything I do is a spiritual practice.” Continuing to grow and learn psychologically and spiritually, I enjoyed running a successful interior design business until retiring in 2018.

My gaze is now gently focused on the spaciousness from which all things arise, and my passion is to assist others in removing the veils and revealing this connection to pure awareness that is ever present for all.

Even when we have a clear vision of where we are trying to go, there can be all types of obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. These can be conscious and unconscious and often show up as patterns of behavior that we can’t seem to manage. I can help you get to the root of things and gently remove these obstacles so that you can choose the type of life you really want.
Alec Rodrigues has been certified to facilitate inquiry since 2015 and brings a keen sense of intuition to his work. He believes that in connection, the deepest healing takes place, that the mirror of relationship is the best crucible for transformation. Through rest and inquiry, Alec has found the empowerment to meet others authentically and stop running so damn fast from the seeming “ordinariness” of life.

He currently lives in Washington state with his girlfriend and works as a training assistant for the KI Personal Mentorship Program, where he empowers enrollees by teaching them the KI tools.

As a young child I saw a picture of Jesus gazing lovingly at some children around his feet. I immediately longed for the unconditional love I saw in his gaze. At the same time, I was being read fairy tales, like Cinderella, and came to believe that romantic love would satisfy that longing for love.

So, I married my handsome prince at age 19. But then, by age 29, I found myself alone, as a single mother, with four young children. I was devastated and convinced that something was terribly wrong with me, to have ended up in such a predicament. 

I had learned to love and please others, but not how to love and respect myself. I was a “good girl,” and repressed my urges to have my own needs acknowledged and met. A wise teacher later told me, “We need to love everyone, including ourselves.” This was an amazing revelation for me!

Learning to meditate helped immensely to bring moments of peace, while I was sitting still, though I was still being triggered regularly in my relationships. Finally, the Kiloby Inquiries taught me how to turn my attention inside in daily life – towards the trapped thoughts and emotions I’d been running from – so that I could face and release them. It was like some tender, lost children began coming home, to take their rightful place in my inner world. 

I am honored and excited to be able to facilitate these wonderful inquiries for others.

Sumitra lives on the Hawaiian island of Kauai with some of her family. She has four grown children and six grandchildren. For many years she lived and worked in a yoga retreat community in California, and has taught yoga, meditation and Compassionate Communication in addition to facilitating the tools of the Kiloby Inquiries (since 2013).

Sumitra also loves working with couples and others with relationship challenges in a simple (though not always easy) deep listening practice that allows each person to be truly heard and acknowledged.

Tim initially became a student of inquiry in 2001 via the Diamond Approach, shortly thereafter becoming a direct student of A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) and Karen Johnson for 12 years. He has continued to practice inquiry while more recently also studying Non-Duality with Francis Lucille, Adyashanti and John Prendergast; Tibetan Buddhism; Shamanism and other Earth-based practices, including various plant medicines. Having also now discovered the Kiloby Inquiries, he loves their simplicity and directness as well as their usefulness for anyone interested in knowing themselves at a deeper level. He is excited to facilitate inquiry with others now who wish to become more whole and free.

I am a Certified Facilitator for the Kiloby Inquiries, the Living Inquiries and The Work of Byron Katie. I facilitate in English and German. These inquiries are like breathing, happening automatically, involuntarily in me. My hurt and frustration, trauma responses and repressed feelings, strategies, evaluations of experiences–, nothing escapes my inquiry. I enjoy an authentic human life with everything that arises, the joys and sorrows, welcoming ALL; no exception.

It is a privilege and an honor for me to use my skills as a facilitator, to hold the space as trust and intimacy arise. The connection with the irresistible true nature becomes as irresistible as the restless drives that keep us from it. Into all of this we can inquire.

With the Inquiries I experience less resistance and avoidance to feel my feelings and rest in presence without a label or story or repression. My compulsive behavior to be perfect and efficient turns into laughter about “my mistakes”. Examining my assumptions that I take to be real and seeing them for what they are leads to taking myself not so seriously anymore and being vulnerable. With seemingly opposing concepts like truth and lies I do not have any idea anymore what they mean, just words and pictures that are fading.

I bring my genuine curiosity, love of adventure and exploration into my facilitation. The Work, the Living Inquiries and Kiloby Inquiries are these days the basis for my practice of facilitation including the expressive arts, bodywork and nature. In addition my background includes shamanic work, body/mind integrative therapy, subtle energy work and the Life/Art Process. I am an ordained minister. I facilitated thousands of people one on one, in workshops and training since 1980. In the academic world I hold an MA in Sociology. I love living in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, NM, USA and spending time in Europe as well.

I also make things:
I like to express myself, play and experiment with materials such as found objects or recycled materials, steel, wood, plaster, paint and pigments, pantyhose, barrier cloth, epoxy, latex, tar, hardware cloth… whatever inspires me… and put them together. I sew, weld, chainsaw, sand… make things… sometimes they are useful like a table.

Bring your desperate needs, your ongoing urges, your compulsive wantings, your irresistible commands and demanding drives, your injunctions, your shoulds, musts and have to’s, not to mention all those must not’s, and no, no, No! – never again…… and if you want to find yourself, lose yourself, relax compulsions, ease anxieties, look at trauma and repressed emotions: I would love to facilitate you.

Ich bin zertifizierte Begleiterin für die Kiloby Inquiries, die Living Inquiries und auch The Work of Byron Katie.

Meine Schmerzen und Frustrationen, meine Konzepte und Strategien, mein Evaluieren von Erfahrungen und Traumata, unterdrueckte Emotionen – nichts entkommt der Befragung. Ich genieße ein authentisches Leben mit allem, was auftaucht, mit den Freuden und den Sorgen – ich heiße ALLES willkommen, ohne Ausnahme.

Es ist ein Privileg und eine Ehre für mich, meine Fähigkeiten als Begleiterin zu nutzen und einen Raum schaffen und halten zu können, in dem Vertrauen und Intimität entstehen. Die Verbindung mit “true nature” ist genauso unwiderstehlich wie das endlose Bemühen, uns davon fern zu halten. All das untersuchen wir.

Ich bringe echte Neugierde, Liebe zum Abenteuer und Erforschungsdrang in die Untersuchung ein. The Work und die Kiloby Inquiries bilden zurzeit die Basis meiner Arbeit, die auch den kreativen Ausdruck, Körperarbeit und die Natur mit einschließt. Zu meinem Hintergrund gehören schamanische Arbeit, Körper/Geist-integrative Therapie, Energiearbeit und der Life/Art-Prozess. Ich habe tausende Menschen in Einzelarbeit, in Workshops und Trainings seit 1980 begleitet. In der akademischen Welt bin ich Diplom-Soziologin. Ich lebe in den Bergen von Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA und in Europa.

Dinge, die ich mache:
Ich drücke mich gerne kreativ aus, spiele und experimentiere mit gefundenen Dingen, recycelten Materialien, Stahl, Holz, Gips, Farben und Pigmenten, Seidenstrümpfen, Windeln, Harzen, Latex, Draht … was auch immer mich inspiriert … ich bringe diese Materialien zusammen. Ich nähe, schweiße, benutze die Kettensäge, schmirgele … mache Dinge … manchmal sind sie nützlich wie ein Tisch.

Bring zur Session deine tiefsten Bedürfnisse, dein immer wiederkehrendes Verlangen, deine zwanghaften Wünsche, deine unwiderstehlichen Befehle, deinen fordernden Druck, dein ewiges Klagen und alles, was du sollst und musst – und nicht zu vergessen, was du nicht sollst und nicht musst und dein „nein, nein, NEIN – nie wieder …“ Und wenn du dich finden oder verlieren, deine Zwänge loslassen und deine Ängste verlieren willst, deine Traumata und unterdrückten Gefühle ansehen willst: Ich habe Lust, dich zu begleiten.

Note: Mihai is fully booked until February 24th, 2022. 

Mihai Algiu – born in Eastern Europe, Romania, during the communist totalitarian regime. Mihai started being interested in spirituality, truth, mind and consciousness since a teenager. He spent over 25 years studying various Eastern teachings such as the Fourth Way, (the Gurdjieff ~Oupsensky system), Qi Qong, Zen, Vipassana, Non-Duality, Advaita Vedanta, the Direct path. Among the many influences that shaped his understanding of spirituality as well as his therapeutical orientation are: Gurdjieff-Ouspensky, The Fourth Way, David Hawkins, Thich Nhat Hanh, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle,  Rupert Spira, Isaac Shapiro etc.

In 2015 Mihai met his current teachers, Francis Lucille and Laura Lucille which became a turning point towards deepening into the the study and application of the Non-Dual Direct Path. About the same time, Mihai became deeply interested somatic awareness based psychotherapy, (Hakomi), as well as being active in Mankind Project as a senior facilitator facilitating Shadow Work groups in the Sierra Foothills, California as well as part of the Inside Circle Foundation, leading Shadow Work groups inside Folsom prison, California. Another crossroad represented the encounter with Scott Kiloby and the Kiloby Inquiries which continued to integrate the ‘enlightenment non-dual teachings’ with the somatic core deconstruction of suffering and trauma.

He is currently working as a psychotherapist, working with individuals, couples, groups in 1:1 setting as well as weekly Circle of Being Shadow Work groups, intensives and retreats. He has been living in the Sierra foothills , California for the last 15 years where he enjoys nature, hot springs, archery and music.

I view psychotherapy as a useful tool and support towards our innate pursuit of happiness, contentment and harmony. Whether recovering from years of addiction, healing from the aftermath of past wounds, navigating difficult relationship dynamics, dealing with trauma, loss, transition, uncovering old programmed limiting beliefs…..our innate authentic self/spirit strives towards wholeness and being in harmony with all things. My approach is experiential, effective and practical -influenced by Hakomi ~Mindfulness based Somatic Psychotherapy, Shadow Work, Gestalt, Psychodrama, Attachment Theory, psychedelic work, as well as a variety of Eastern spiritual teachings (Advaita, 4th Way). I have extensive experience working with men, women and youth in crisis, as well as incarcerated men. I have a client-centered approach guiding the client back to their own innate inner wisdom, strengths and authentic self. I consider awareness, self-inquiry and Kiloby Inquiries as essential ingredients in the process of healing, freedom from unnecessary suffering, and being happy celebrating the miracle of life.

Dianne came to this work in 2018 as a Kiloby Center client in the depths of oceanic despair. She’s worked through complex trauma that drove her into deep depression, anxiety, numbness, suicidal ideation, addiction, and endless spiritual seeking. With the Kiloby Inquiries and awareness, she has learned to welcome and hold whatever is arising and allow the mind-made defenses to crumble.

She is grateful for her experiences, which have given her a deep passion for and understanding of herself and others. Healing her trauma has been the most transformative experience of Dianne’s life, and it is her greatest joy to work with others and guide them into the sacred heart to look into the conditioning that causes suffering—to gently hold all that arises and allow precious energies to be felt and return to wholeness.

She works as a KI Facilitator and training assistant based in San Diego, California, and has four children and two grandchildren.

What is a Clarity Call?

What is a Clarity Call?

A clarity call is a free 30-minute introductory call with a Certified KI Facilitator. During a clarity call, you can ask any questions you have about KI and see whether a particular facilitator is a good fit for you.

To book a clarity call, select your preferred facilitator (hover over their picture and click the “Meet” button). Then, enter your email and click “Book Your Call.” From there, you’ll be able to select your preferred date and time and schedule your clarity call (please double-check your time zone before booking).

Note: Clarity calls, while free, require you to enter a credit card to book. If you are late or miss the scheduled meeting, you will be charged $49. This is to protect the facilitator’s time. You will be able to reschedule or cancel the appointment without charge with appropriate notice. The length of the required notice varies by facilitator. Please read the terms and conditions before booking your call.

Valerie Vinger is a thriving survivor of life’s painful challenges and growth opportunities. She has worked with 12-step programs and is currently a 13-year stage-III cancer survivor. Her cancer recovery journey started with the traditional “cut, poison, burn” approach but eventually led her down a natural path to healing her body, her pain and suffering, and her buried emotions.

Valerie first stumbled upon Scott Kiloby at a workshop of his in Boulder, Colorado in 2012, which she says is one of the most transformative experiences she’s ever had. She is filled with gratitude for the person she has become through her journey with cancer recovery and with the Inquiries, which she describes as “coming home to myself.” She loves working with people who are ready for relief from their pain and suffering.
Alina is a certified KI facilitator & a founder of Presence Alchemy – An advance mindfulness platform dedicated to liberating suffering & limiting core beliefs through Kiloby Inquiries & non-dual awareness. Presence Alchemy was born eight years into Alina’s embodiment journey of an inner shift from ego to wakefulness. Alina works one-on-one with clients, hosts online intensives and training, and organizes local retreats & workshops.