Artwork by Paul Nash:

I ask “do you love yourself?”

People often say “no.”

Some say “there is no self” and I say “yep, clearly seen, but do you love yourself?”

There is usually no response or they  go back to “there’s no self.”

My point is that all your life you’ve been turning away from really unconscious thoughts and feelings about how you don’t love yourself. And you don’t love those thoughts and feelings. 

Please don’t tell me there is no you before you love all those thoughts and feelings first. 

Just notice and love them.  Yes, from awareness.  Yes, from no self.  But love them.

You’re right.  There is no you.  There never was.  There is only programming appearing right here as you.  That programming is resistance. That’s what ego really is.  When those thoughts and feelings arise, there is resistance. 

I can’t trust you if you say there is no self unless that resistance is met.  You also can’t use the “I am awareness” or “I am THAT” as a response here.  Seen. Realized.  These realizations, when not embodied including the resistance, trauma, repression etc, are energetically dead.

And please don’t tell me you love me if you don’t love yourself.  Until you can love your own rage and terror you can’t love me.  That’s what you hate in yourself and so that’s what you hate in me.  I love you so much I’m willing to tell you this even if you hate me for it. 

My question to you is something much simpler than any of that. 

Do you love yourself?

When these thoughts and feelings arise, is there an allowing, making friends with and loving?

When the resistance arises, can you love that?

What if the trauma and repression hide because they are scared to arise?

Would you go looking for those lost children to love them too?

You get so much out of this, everything you ever wanted.

You get to love yourself but that includes the rage, terror and shame, not just the peace, bliss and joy.  You get to see that there is no self. 

You get to see that there was really only this programming of resistance.  And you get to love it for the rest of your life!

But most of all, you get to see it die.  Anything that is loved that deeply just transmutes into love. And that’s where you are left, my love. ❤️

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