How We Evolve

I could not stabilize in presence as long as I had unresolved traumas and certain identities and deficiency stories creating reactivity regularly.  Reactivity is always old pain pushing the focus of awareness onto the conditioning of the past, creating new triggers everyday. To even assert that it’s possible to live “in the moment” in a […]

What is Self Inquiry? A Deeper Application of Mindfulness

We have been talking a lot about ‘mindfulness and inquiry’. If you’ve read about the New Model of Recovery, which is showing powerful results with our Kiloby Center clients, you have read at least a little about how these tools are an integral part of what we do to actually address the trauma and deficiency […]

The Scandal of Believing in Objectivity

Much of the disharmony in relationship can be attributed to the belief in objectivity—that is, belief in the notion that we experience other people the way they really are. As we’ve seen, the belief in objectivity tends to arise right along with the belief in being a separate individual. Through my own separate me, I […]

Seven Tips for Self Inquiry by Scott Kiloby

Simplify thoughts down to either words or pictures. If you look into your experience, you can see that thoughts arise in one of two different ways—either as words or as pictures. Words are literally things, such as “Scott” or “I am a victim.” Pictures are mental images, such as the memory of sitting yesterday and […]

This Moment is Ever Fresh and New

Time is a wonderful story, but is it truly real? The human mind has been telling quite a story. The notions of minute, hour, week, month, and year are conceptual. Time is a movie being projected from the mind. No matter how hard you look, you will never walk outside your door and pick up […]

Love is Already Here

Take a moment to sit back and watch your mind. If you look deeply for one moment, you get a glimpse into the quiet mind. You open up the space of awareness within you, which is who you really are. This space contains a love that devours who you think you are. The quiet love […]

What are body contractions?

What are body contractions? They are blockages of energy (sometimes repressed emotion) in various parts of the inner body that feel denser than other sensations. For example, have you ever felt emotion well up inside you only to get stuck in the throat area, as if you cannot truly express the emotion? That’s a contraction. […]

How the Living Realization Method Works

This is how the Living Realization method works in our lives: We start out with the belief that we are separately existing selves in a world of other, separately existing people and things. Most people have this belief operating in one degree or another. The belief in separation is the root cause of suffering, seeking, […]

What is Natural Rest?

Natural rest essentially refers to being present or living more in the moment. But how do we do that? Our minds and bodies seem so wrapped up in the past and future. In order to get a clearer sense of what natural rest is all about, let’s break it up into three parts, which can […]