Self-Care: To Soothe or Transform – That Is the Question

For a number of years the words “self care” has been used a lot to refer to taking care of oneself and not extending one’s reach of activities (especially while being consumed by the needs of others) so broadly that he or she has little to no time to take care of themselves. What is […]

True Connection: Stepping into the Red Hoop

by Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries, Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator For a while I worked with bullied children one-on-one. It was very promising to see how, for most of them, suffering released easily by using a child-friendly version of Scott Kiloby’s Inquiries. I wanted to make this work available for more children, so I decided to start doing […]

The History and Development of the Kiloby Inquiries (“KI”)

If you have been aware of Scott Kiloby’s work over the last fifteen years, you know that he co-founded and co-developed a group of tools called the Living Inquiries. The Living Inquiries community is still thriving and helping many people all over the world. When Scott and Julianne (Scott’s head trainer) opened up the Kiloby […]

Deficiency Stories Are Directly Linked to Self-Sabotage

Becoming More Informed about this Direct Link Did you know that your desire to reach true fulfillment, love, contentment and purpose in life is thwarted on a regular basis by any deficiency story you believe about yourself? Let me state it another way: If you are trying to be successful in relationships, spiritual or self […]


by Michael Jeffreys The problem with identifying with/as your ego is that it brings with it an intolerable sense of division. There’s “me” and “the World.” And with this sense of separation comes fear. “What’s going to become of me?” “How come my life isn’t going the way I want it to go?” “What will […]

The Cult of Human Programming- And How to Break Free of It

My friend and fellow facilitator Dan McLintock came up with the term “cult of human programming” to describe the process of first being thrust out of a mother’s womb, forced into the energetic experience of being a separate person, and forced to learn how to survive physically, emotionally and psychologically. AND THEN, ON TOP OF […]

Nobody is Enlightened

One day someone asked me if I was enlightened. I responded, “no one is enlightened.” It just came out of my mouth without any thought behind it, as if I was speaking spontaneously from some knowing that I did not even know that I knew. But it wasn’t a knowing of some intellectual idea. You […]


By Michael Jeffreys As a species we are addicted to complaining. Have you noticed this? Unlike animals, complaining seems so natural to human beings that we continually engage in it without much thought. We learned to complain when we were young children and haven’t stopped since. We picked up the habit from our parents who […]

Adders and Subtractors: What can you do in the moment of suffering?

by Dan McLintock The next time you start to suffer deeply about something, stop for a moment as soon as you realize what’s happening. Right after you recognize that you have been emotionally triggered by some person or event, ask yourself: “Did I just choose to start suffering”? If you somehow initially get a “yes”, […]