A shadow is an aspect of the separate-self story that, for whatever reason, gets repressed and then projected outward as an “other.” The “other” is really a reflection of the separate self. We box and hug shadows. To box a shadow is to repress a negative trait and then experience a strong aversion towards others […]

Marrying East and West: Resolving Pain through the Kiloby Inquiries

Western medicine’s approach to treating chronic back pain is now under scrutiny due to radical thinkers like John Sarno, a medical pioneer, nonconformist, and writer of the book “Mind Over Back Pain.” Once involved with a large group of doctors, he broke off from them upon recognizing that the medical model for treating back pain […]

Beyond Duality

Offered by Anna Pittman, PhD, CC, ERYT 500, Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator When I was about seven years old, I quite vividly remember the first time that I heard a voice in my head using the word “I.” In that moment I was filled with confusion and a sense of horror. I felt as […]

Awakening within a Trauma-Informed Perspective

Awakening within a trauma-informed perspective feels balanced and inspiring if you hear the depth of what is being included – EVERYTHING. We are freeing ourselves (awakening) from the shackles of ignorance about who or what we are. Awakening is all about a shift in identity. It doesn’t necessarily reach into the darker corners of pain […]

The Magic Feel – how to accelerate awakening and embodiment

I’ve got a tool I call the Magic Feel (play on the phrase magic pill) that works quite well for many people. The Magic Feel worked for me. I have seen it accelerate my own awakening and embodiment process. I’ve seen it do the same for about half the clients with whom I work. The […]

The Conceptual Self and its Disconnected Body

People have always turned towards the seeking of authentic spiritual awakening because it promises the end of suffering. People also seem to be increasingly turning into the growing conversation around the embodiment process that accompanies awakening. Before we go any deeper down this rabbit hole, let’s discuss the difference between awakening and embodiment. Awakening is […]

A Manifesto on Love, Inquiry, and Saving Our World

It doesn’t matter who offends who on Facebook or anywhere else if you know how to inquire skillfully. Life – on and offline – is a breeding ground for experiencing deficiency stories, feeling attacked and judged, even feeling threatened or traumatized with the venom that pervades life and the social media platforms.  Life is the perfect […]

Integrating Suppressed Anger

Anger is something that is quite often misunderstood. Anger is often deemed as bad, wrong, unkind, bad energy etc. Whatever narrative and story we have about it usually depicts the energy of anger as negative. We tell these narratives about anger because we are unconsciously scared of it. Anger itself is neither bad nor wrong. […]

It Ain’t Easy Being Green: The Covert Co-opting of Postmodernity

by Dan McLintock In Ken Wilber’s book “Integral Spirituality” he puts forth a intriguing model of the evolution of consciousness over the last 250,000 years. Each color-coded level (or altitude) of development can be tracked on the chart attached below, but I’ll give a brief synopsis of the first few colors/levels because what I really […]