COMPASSIONATE DEPROGRAMMING II. “Active Presence During Somatic Inquiry”

The key to somatic self-inquiry is presence. And it is not just a passive, non-acting or witnessing presence that observes how feelings, thoughts, events, people and so on appear in the space of awareness. It is a very active presence! With somatic self-inquiry, we bring our presence into everything that hides/sleeps in the unconscious, or […]

COMPASSIONATE DEPROGRAMMING I. “Natural Recovery From Suffering”

Compassionate deprogramming is completely possible, as somatic self-inquiry becomes a natural part of our everyday life, our daily practice, our awareness, and a part of our functioning. This is important because our programming, or behavior, was formed repeatedly over a long time, as we were repeatedly triggered in certain relationships and situations. Because of this, […]

NMOR Explained

New Model of Recovery Explained New Model of Recovery Explained Playlist 17 Videos Part 1 of A New Model of Recovery Explained 15:04 Part 2 – The Iceberg 11:03 Part 3 – Hard drugs and alcohol 13:12 Part 4 – Environment 43:55 New Model as a Guide on your Path – February 28th, 2022. 21:28 […]

What happens after death?

People ask:  is there life after death?  Or does awareness exist beyond the mind and body, such that there’s no death? Those questions will only give you belief.  And belief is never absolute truth by definition.  Let’s look.  Me:  What do you get out of believing there is no death or there is life after […]

Do You Love Yourself?

I ask “do you love yourself?” People often say “no.” Some say “there is no self” and I say “yep, clearly seen, but do you love yourself?” There is usually no response or they  go back to “there’s no self.” My point is that all your life you’ve been turning away from really unconscious thoughts […]

Towards a Less Repressive Spirituality

I appreciate people asking me to comment on whether I think a certain teacher represses or reinforces repression in his or her followers but you can discern yourself by looking for these signs in a teaching or practice: 1. Teachings or practices that deny the relative and deny the importance of embodying the challenging emotions […]

Witnessing Does Not Equal Welcoming

For many years I’ve been directed to witness and welcome objects as they appear in awareness . “Welcome them as they are, without trying to change them, without becoming involved”. And for all this time, I was sincerely convinced that I was completely welcoming all of my thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions as they appeared. […]