Excerpt from Scott Kiloby’s book, “Reflections of the One Life:  Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

Your present experience can be broken down into two apparent aspects: awareness and thought. Awareness is your essential nature. It is a wide open, empty, peaceful, loving, intelligent awake space that is inseparable from this moment.

Thoughts are temporary images that come and go in an endless succession. Thought is usually some dualistic interpretation about how the past is incomplete, this moment is not good enough, or the future holds the answer.

Awareness identifies with the thought stream, fixating on one thought after another. This creates the illusion of suffering and searching. It is a trap to seek the end of suffering and searching through more thinking. To thought, there is no end. There is only another thought.

If you can see the futility of this self-perpetuating cycle, there is the possibility of recognizing that your present experience already contains your essential nature as awareness. The thoughts merely come and go in awareness. Don’t try to suppress them. Let them come and go. Noticing them provides the opportunity to see what is really happening. That which is noticing these thoughts is awareness itself.

In your present experience — no matter where you are or what you are doing — the simple recognition of your essential nature as awareness shows you the rest you have been seeking. In resting as awareness, you see that thought is not a problem. It is merely an expression of — and therefore not even separate from — awareness.

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