Awakening within a trauma-informed perspective feels balanced and inspiring if you hear the depth of what is being included – EVERYTHING. We are freeing ourselves (awakening) from the shackles of ignorance about who or what we are. Awakening is all about a shift in identity. It doesn’t necessarily reach into the darker corners of pain in our mental and somatic experience. It often doesn’t really uproot trauma.

To be trauma-informed at the same time recognizes that WHAT HAPPENED TO US in the past does indeed also matter, and when the past pain is not resolved within our minds and bodies we may find it difficult to truly rest and just live as and within presence.

Nondual awakening can be thwarted by unresolved trauma.

If there is anything I have learned from owning “new model” treatment centers, it is that we must resolve the past. But in resolving it we must look from present awareness and simply observe, allow, welcome, and love what arises! This is gentler than psychotherapy in my view, and more effective.

We must explore our somatic experience fully, welcoming awareness all the way into the body. Our human experience and pain is often held in the body, especially trauma!

Including a trauma-informed perspective with awakening is not just some novel trend. It’s a necessary integration of experience.

One cannot truly be here now in the present moment while still carrying the pain of the past. And turning your attention away from that pain will only make it turn into a bigger and bigger monster in your experience. Sooner or later, we have to face the music. It’s not one or the other. It is not that we are spirit only. The spirit or awareness we recognize as our true nature is not divorced from form. Therefore nothing can be excluded.

So include everything, including WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!

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