NMOR Explained

New Model of Recovery Explained New Model of Recovery Explained Playlist 16 Videos Part 1 of A New Model of Recovery Explained 15:04 Part 2 – The Iceberg 11:03 Part 3 – Hard drugs and alcohol 13:12 Part 4 – Environment 43:55 New Model as a Guide on your Path – February 28th, 2022. 21:28 […]

What happens after death?

People ask:  is there life after death?  Or does awareness exist beyond the mind and body, such that there’s no death? Those questions will only give you belief.  And belief is never absolute truth by definition.  Let’s look.  Me:  What do you get out of believing there is no death or there is life after […]

Do You Love Yourself?

I ask “do you love yourself?” People often say “no.” Some say “there is no self” and I say “yep, clearly seen, but do you love yourself?” There is usually no response or they  go back to “there’s no self.” My point is that all your life you’ve been turning away from really unconscious thoughts […]

Towards a Less Repressive Spirituality

I appreciate people asking me to comment on whether I think a certain teacher represses or reinforces repression in his or her followers but you can discern yourself by looking for these signs in a teaching or practice: 1. Teachings or practices that deny the relative and deny the importance of embodying the challenging emotions […]

When All Else Fails, Love Everything To Death

I hope you fall in love… With the sadness With the fear With the anger With the shame With that contraction wherever it reveals itself today in your body With that pain no matter how bad it hurts Holding it right there in presence just like you would a lover, EVER SO LIGHTLY, EVER SO […]


A shadow is an aspect of the separate-self story that, for whatever reason, gets repressed and then projected outward as an “other.” The “other” is really a reflection of the separate self. We box and hug shadows. To box a shadow is to repress a negative trait and then experience a strong aversion towards others […]

Marrying East and West: Resolving Pain through the Kiloby Inquiries

Western medicine’s approach to treating chronic back pain is now under scrutiny due to radical thinkers like John Sarno, a medical pioneer, nonconformist, and writer of the book “Mind Over Back Pain.” Once involved with a large group of doctors, he broke off from them upon recognizing that the medical model for treating back pain […]

Awakening within a Trauma-Informed Perspective

Awakening within a trauma-informed perspective feels balanced and inspiring if you hear the depth of what is being included – EVERYTHING. We are freeing ourselves (awakening) from the shackles of ignorance about who or what we are. Awakening is all about a shift in identity. It doesn’t necessarily reach into the darker corners of pain […]

The Magic Feel – how to accelerate awakening and embodiment

I’ve got a tool I call the Magic Feel (play on the phrase magic pill) that works quite well for many people. The Magic Feel worked for me. I have seen it accelerate my own awakening and embodiment process. I’ve seen it do the same for about half the clients with whom I work. The […]

The Conceptual Self and its Disconnected Body

People have always turned towards the seeking of authentic spiritual awakening because it promises the end of suffering. People also seem to be increasingly turning into the growing conversation around the embodiment process that accompanies awakening. Before we go any deeper down this rabbit hole, let’s discuss the difference between awakening and embodiment. Awakening is […]