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The Kiloby.com Portal

If you found your way to www.kiloby.com, you can see that it is a portal to all of Scott’s sites and to various other resources. Each site contains a unique flavor of Scott’s message. Enjoy whatever appeals to you!


Summary of All Sites

Through the kiloby.com portal page, you can access the following sites directly:


Natural Rest –  www.naturalrestforaddiction.com

Natural Rest for Addiction is a simple, revolutionary way to recover from addiction.  Through Natural Rest, we come to discover a peace and freedom previously unknown to our experience. We free ourselves from enslavement to addictive substances and activities.  Scott’s work employs the invitation to rest in the present moment throughout the day, letting all words, mental pictures and bodily energies be as they are.  On this site you will find the Compulsion Inquiry, an innovative tool that helps to release addictive thoughts and sensations in the moment they arise.


The Living Inquiries – www.livinginquiries.com

Scott and his team of facilitators have developed “The Living Inquiries,” which are tools that effectively release suffering of every kind.  We now have over eighty facilitators in 11 different countries.  People from all over the world, virtually every country, have benefited from this work. Come join us on this exciting discovery. See for yourself how the inquiries literally untangle the thoughts, emotions and sensations that keep you feeling stuck in your life!


The Kiloby Center – www.kilobycenter.com

You won’t find a treatment center anywhere in the world like the Kiloby Center for Recovery.  Founded by Scott Kiloby, the center focuses exclusively on Scott’s work.  Nestled between the sandy mountains of lush, green Palm Springs, California, the center is a warm, inviting and supportive atmosphere in which Scott and his facilitators provide clients with simple, effective ways to dissolve addictive thoughts, release anxiety and depression and see through all self-limiting beliefs. In addition to the Kiloby Center, which is an Intensive Outpatient Program, Scott co-owns the Natural Rest House, which is a detox and residential center.  


Live Events – www.naturalrestforaddiction.com/live-events

Scott travels around the world giving talks on the various aspects of his work.  On this site, you will find details about Scott’s speaking engagements, retreats, live talks and intensives.  Come and participate with Scott live!