I wish for you a simple quietness within

From which you can create just for the pure joy of it, without attachment

Where you naturally forgive everything that happens to you and everyone that hurts you

Where you remain open to observe everything that comes and goes

Where every emotion is sincerely welcomed

Where every thought is like a harmless bird flying through a great big warm sky

Where you no longer care whether people like or love you

Where you finally come to know what the word “authentic” really means, without ever having to utter a word to prove it

A quietness from which you can speak and express yourself spontaneously and unapologetically

A quietness that can explode into sound and fury at any moment, simply because there are no rules about who you should be or how you should act

Where you are no longer afraid of feeling what you might feel when someone disagrees with you

Where you can sit and be in your own skin, without needing to reach for that next fix, whatever it may be

Where you long for nothing more than what you already have within, and yet open yourself to all possibilities in life

May you have fun and find pleasure and not feel guilty about that

And when it is time for you to pass, may the quietness that was there all during your life remain with you eternally.

I truly wish that for you.

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