It doesn’t matter who offends who on Facebook or anywhere else if you know how to inquire skillfully. Life – on and offline – is a breeding ground for experiencing deficiency stories, feeling attacked and judged, even feeling threatened or traumatized with the venom that pervades life and the social media platforms. 

Life is the perfect laboratory for waking up from your own belief systems and paradigms that are causing your suffering.  When you defend your point of view until you are seeing red with anger, your reaction says infinitely more about you than that to which you are reacting.  

Many people won’t want to hear this because they are still attached to the drama of fighting to be right. But being constantly in battle to be right has been studied by science. It creates stress in the mind and sends chemicals into the body that create and exacerbate injury and illness.  

Learning how to listen and communicate in a more constructive way (not just from the emotion you happen to be feeling at the time you read or write something) is not only good for our world and our relationships but also for our individual mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Learning how to listen to yourself from awareness when ego and the insidious need to be right takes you over is the first step in taking an abrupt stop before you respond to something you disagree with! Everyone has a right to disagreement, anger, and frustration with what is going on in the world. But if we value our children and the need to live cohesively for the sake of all sentient beings then we must not let our anger and violence distract us from what is really needed – policy change and a more sane way of speaking to each other about these important topics. 

We must teach our children peace and how to live together or else we are passing down violence to them.

Who is running the show on earth right now? Everyone wants to be right. When we are insisting on being right, we are talking and trying to convince. Therefore we cannot truly listen in those moments. Being present and just listening can break us free from programming that keeps us stubbornly locked into our own views. No new learning can happen when we aren’t listening to the other side of the debate. Merely fighting the other side solidifies ego.  This is highly detrimental to our species. We must break free of the tight grip of ego that keeps us in partisan, racial, and other conflict. We aren’t finding solutions fast enough because the ego’s need to be right is persistent and it greatly slows down progress!

I gently invite everyone to revisit the words of Martin Luther King Jr and other leaders of our past who chose sanity, communication, peace, and grace to help resolve issues. They brought us together because they didn’t bring as much ego to the conversation.

If you want the world to change you must start with what you believe, inquiring into the programming that keeps you locked in the external problems of the world instead of clearing your side of the street – the divisive programming that you may be adding to an already toxic world environment.  

Don’t settle just for anger or tantrums. Real change through inquiry comes from within.

And that change has a profound impact on your capacity to creatively address the problems of the world.

How we see the world is mostly a product of our own mental interpretations.  How you see and feel the world comes down to how you feel about yourself. That’s psychology 101.  

If you inquire skillfully, any profound change you experience will be highly contagious to those around you and to those you talk to on social media. It will positively affect everyone you meet. That’s how we truly change the world for the better! We start from within…

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