Dear Life:

Thank you for all the suffering you dealt in my eariler years. Without it, I would not know freedom at all.

Thank you for the word “yes.” I use it often and it makes the present moment flow quite smoothly.

Thank you for the word “no.” I use it often and it allows me to live in alignment with what I actually feel, instead of pleasing others.

Thank you for giving me the false mask of a peacemaker for the first half of life. And thank you for showing me that I am not that mask. It was exhausting trying to avoid conflict.

Thank you for fear. It has allowed me to survive and then to see that I don’t need it most of the time to actually survive.

Thank you for shame and for then showing me that shame is merely a misperception – there was never anything to be ashamed about.

Thank you for anger. I once tried to deny that I felt it. But you have given me the opportunity to finally feel it, express it, appreciate it and be done with it each time it arises.

Thank you for making contentment the most uncomplicated thing in life. I once tried to think myself into it. Glad those days are over.

Thank you for the opportunity to now live life the way I want to live it, without needing to be seen, understood, loved or good enough. That too was exhausting.

Thank you for making the best thing in life already available – the present moment.

Thank you for those moments when I realize that breathing is all that is needed to be content.

Thank you for showing me more of those moments as I grow older.

Thank you for the opportunity to be what I am, exactly as I am, however that shows up.

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