Welcome to the Writings page.

These writings are not meant as a cohesive teaching.  What resonates depends on where you are. You may be just coming to a message like this or you might be a long term seeker.  

If you are looking for a more structured method or set of pointers that meets you where you are, visit Scott's Living Realization site and Living Relationship site (Home of the Living Inquiries). Also see all of Scott's books HERE.

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When We're Spiritually Lulled and Dulled (And Don't Even Know It)

The Hidden Secrets of Bodily Contraction

Am I Blocking My Bliss?

Live Fearlessly

A Problem-Free Life

I can’t find a problem. It's like a Dr. Suess rhyme. I can’t find it anywhere, not in my house, in my car, in my body, or in my hair. Not in these bills, on TV, in that cancer, or in death's glare. It cannot be found. I've looked everywhere.

Survival Mechanisms That Were Killing Me

Simple Rest

Simply rest. Rest whenever it is convenient. Rest whenever possible. This was the doorway to freedom for me. So I’m sharing it with you.

Basic Tools 1 - Keeping It Simple

This page contains the simplest pointers I use in private sessions and group online and live talks. Check it out before we meet. This keeps it simple!

Basic Tools 2 - The Living Inquiries

In all my years of meeting with people, nothing has been as effective as these Living Inquiries. The Living Inquiries are tools that may be difficult to learn to use on your own at first. But once you meet with myself or a facilitator, you are able to use them in your own experience quite naturally.

Overcompensation - The Curse of the Spiritual Seeker

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