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NEW: The Unfindable Inquiry

This is a demonstration of one of the LIVING INQUIRIES by Scott Kiloby. Watch as Scott takes Elizabeth through the "Unfindable Inquiry" in this private session. In sessions the client tries to find the "invisible self" using the UI. They cannot find it and so they find a release from that core sense of self. *These inquiries invite us to notice when we are experiencing separate objects and then actively inquire into what thoughts, emotions, and sensations make up the object. In looking for the separate object (but only finding individual arisings such as thoughts, emotions, and sensation), we see through the belief in separation—through the belief that there is a separate object there at all. Come and explore these inquiries with us!


What happens when we no longer try to medicate pain and it's fully allowed to be? That changes everything in relationship. We go from believing that love is contained in only certain people or things, to seeing it everywhere. Let this be an invitation to take the words beyond just some trite spiritual saying, and to find this actually showing up in experience.

Come Out of the Deficiency Closet

The sense of a separate, deficient self shows up in all sorts of ways in our lives, mainly in relationship. Instead of trying to fix everyone else or seek love and other things from them, the invitation here is to go deeper into a present seeing of the emptiness of the deficient self, no matter how it shows up (e.g. "I'm not good enough," "I'm unlovable," "I'm imperfect.")


Take a good look at present experience and see that there is nothing to seek.

Basics Part 1

This video is a very basic and straightforward pointing to seeing through the illusory thought-based self, sometimes called "ego." It gives a description of what presence is in relation to that false self.

Basics Part 2

This is a continuation of the pointing in Basics Part 1.

The Completeness Series: Emotions

When we no longer turn away from emotions and instead, let them be as they are, we see that emotions are already the completeness of experience.

Interview with Scott on Buddha at the Gas Pump

This is an interview with Scott from Buddha at the Gas Pump. In this interview, Scott explains the full message of awakening, to be both not of the world and in the world.

DIS-ease Video Clip from Stillness Speaks just interviewed Scott. The full video is coming out soon. Here is a clip on DIS-ease.

Spiritual Awakening Is Not a Hidden Secret

Simple, direct talk about spiritual awakening. How we avoid it and how we find it as already here (presence itself).

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