The Living Inquiries. The Living Inquiries is a new website devoted to all of Scott's Inquiries - the Unfindable Inquiry, the Anxiety Inquiry and the Compulsion Inquiry.  On this site, you will find a link to Scott's book on the Unfindable Inquiry and a page containing information about how to meet for private sessions with one of Scott's facilitators or join on online course where you can become familiar with his inquiries including how to do them on your own. There are many videos on this site explaining this work. 

Natural Rest for Addiction.  This site is devoted to Scott's work on addiction recovery and features his book, "Natural Rest for Addiction: A Revolutionary Way to Recover through Presence."  All of Scott's facilitators can be found on this site. There are many writings, videos and audios on this site as well as a chat room.  Information on the Kiloby Center for Recovery in Palm Springs, California can be found here also. 

The Kiloby Center.  This page explains everything you want to know about Scott's new center in Palm Springs, California.  Although the Center is devoted mainly to helping people with addiction, anyone is welcome to come and take a look at any issues including endless spiritual seeking, depression, anxiety, OCD, relationship issues and just about anything else you can imagine. 

Living Realization. Living Realization is a book and a contemporary way of pointing developed by Scott.  This is non-duality in plain-English. 

Doorway to Liberation. Dedicated web site for Scott's e-book called Doorway to Total Liberation. The message of this book/site is that you can live life fully, taking all kinds of actions and expressing and following a myriad of wants, while experiencing perfect freedom regardless of whether those wants are fulfilled.

Wake Up GayWake Up Gay is Scott's blog on the effect of modern forms of progressive spirituality on LGBT relationships, identities and politics.  It contains writings on that topic as well as lots of other unique, funny, poignant content related to the LGBT community. 




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