Living Relationship:  Finding Harmony With Others

Living Relationship is the latest e-book by Scott.

In this book, Scott is using innovative methods to penetrate through self-limiting beliefs as they show up in relationship.  In relationship, we tend to focus outward, seeking outside ourselves and trying to change or control others. 

Scott invites us to turn attention to the deficient self that is running the show in those moments, and to see through that self using one of three inquiries in the book.

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Hungarian translation is now available for this title.




Doorway To Total Liberation:  Conversations With What Is. 

Have you been in a state of constantly wanting something more, something else?

With this book, Scott Kiloby has developed an inquiry that leaves you surrendered in the flow of the present moment, feeling complete and whole in your experience, while still able to move, work, and create in your life fully.

Scott has successfully used this method with all kinds of people, of all ages, from all walks of life.  This simple inquiry brings people again and again back to their direct experience, which always reveals that liberation is right here, right now.  We simply overlook it! 

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Living Realization: Your Present Experience, As It Is

Living Realization is Scott's first e-book, available for direct download [printable .pdf] at the Living Realization site.  The Living Realization site contains many helpful resources and online meetings.

Living Realization is a more structured method than anything on this site.  Through the Living Realization site, people can participate and gain support, gather together in a community of like-minded people, and meet one-on-one or in group sessions with Scott and facilitators.

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 Hungarian translation is now available for this title as well.



Reflections of the One Life:  Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

Scott's second book is a set of daily expressions.

This is about the timeless presence that you already are. Each pointer [one for each day] peels away beliefs, positions, and ideas about spirituality, including the idea that you exist as a separate self, only to reveal—in the end—that nothing is excluded.

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Love's Quiet Revolution:  The End of the Spiritual Search

This book points to Oneness, to waking up from the dream of self. Spiritual liberation in the present moment. Unconditional love beyond the limited story of "me."

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*Dutch translation of Love's Quiet Revolution available:  Liefdes stille transformatie


The Natural Rest Method

Coming soon!

Natural Rest for Addiction

A Revolutionary Way to Recover through Presence is Scott's fifth book (to be released in 2013).  This book is an holistic addiction recovery method based on presence.

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